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a collection of webpages i make when listening to music or when i'm just in a mood to express or make something. things here can range from pages made seeking a cathartic release to random misc pages that don't fit anywhere else (or im just too lazy to add them into my sidebar navigation lol)

responsiveness and accessibility isn't guaranteed. that's a site-wide thing but especially true here because i make 0 effort in trying to make these look good on other devices. woopsies.

most (if not all) images aren't mine. if you're the owner of an image you see and wish for it to be removed then let me know.

click a link below to navigate to a page. obviously. why do i even bother typing that it's so self-explanatory. whatever i don't actually care that much you get the point

max demian x emil sinclair kindating carrd unused landing draft KAZUHA KAEDEHARA: MY FAVORITE BOY Fairbanks, Alaska god i fucking love making lists 2022 accomplishments astrology isn't real the collection 1937 state park here comes scaratwt i really don't care what you think