I have a lot of thoughts on my favorite things. I also like to talk about my favorite things very often. I fixate on things very easily and my special interests will always exist in the back of my mind, watching and waiting until something vaguely related to it is mentioned, to which I'll respond like "WOW THAT REMINDS ME OF THAT TIME IN ENSTARS WHEN THIS GUY THREATENED TO BLOW UP A BUILDING WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE INSIDE" or something like that. I'm very normal btw. Anyways, here you'll find a directory to various shrines for various things I like or just wanna talk about. Mostly pertains to fictional characters because I'm kind of a loser. Sorry, didn't mean that one.



  • Yanderes
    • Yandere Spectrum

Oh god that's all I can really put in this section huh.