Pyro (Fire) Congratulations, your vision is Pryo and you have been blessed by the Pryo Archon! You have a certain passion whether it be for Justice or for whatever hobby you partake in! At your best your passion drives you to work hard in whatever it is you decide. You have a unique ability for change and adaption, whether for yourself or for those you care about. At your worst you get overwhelmed by your thoughts and actions. You can become self destructive and potentially hurt those around you. That passion that you work for can actually turn to anger causing you to avoid those things you care deeply about.
Which Genshin Impact Vision are you?
The love interest that is always described as beautiful but is hiding something dark "Behind all that beauty, however, hid a secret of ugliness unknown to the mirror." As a writer, I love to indulge myself in beautiful prose, and what better topic for beautiful words than the gentle hands of a lover? Were you a character in my book, your name would be a synonym of grace, all careful looks and lingering touches in the corner of the library. Your secret could be anything, really, but I would probably go for dirt behind your too pretty nails.
How would I write you as a book character?
Pink Oh, pink. The genre of mahou shoujo in and of itself. Pinks are determined and loving feelers who make magic happen just by believing in it. Pinks can be radiant, obnoxious, dreamy, empathic, naive, clumsy, wise, outgoing, and spiritual, all in one. They are at the core of their groups because its their big-hearted energy that brings everyone together, and their insistence on hope that keeps everyone going. Pinks are the first to whine about how difficult the battle is, but they are also the ones to pick themselves up and fight to the bitter end out of love for their friends, their enemies, and the world they live in.
What Color Magical Girl Are You, For Real Though
sollux secret chad. you probably have a huge dick (metaphorically or literally is up to ur interpretation). you are just, so normal and chill. you probably come off as nerdy, but youre a cool nerd. might have emotional repression issues, or you're genuinely just at peace with the world. good luck to you, whichever one it is. try being emotional and genuine more often. i think youll find yourself happier for it.
homestuck kin assignment ^_^
fishie kitty you have something wrong with you maybe. or not i mean im not your doctor but you sure are interesting
which of these sanrio plushies are you?
NO, you’re the ideal kid Chronically online? What’s that? You’re perfect. You have high grades, you’re respectful, you don’t talk back, and you do your chores. Every parents dream.
are you a stereotypical GEN-Z er?
gozarutchi you got gozarutchi! he is very kind to others but can be quite hard on himself. his specialty is throwing ninja stars, and he hopes to someday be a ninja. aside from being a ninja, he isn't very cultured. he possesses many ninja abilities. according to his sister kunoitchi, he actually has low blood pressure and is not a morning person.
what tamagotchi character are you? ✿
The Betrayer You like to do things up close and personal. As personal as you can get. You are an excellent actor, and you do adore putting on a smile knowing your worst enemy, the one you hate the most, doesn't suspect a thing when they tell you their deepest secrets. Your only motivation is revenge, and revenge you shall get. Perhaps you loved them once, long ago, but any fondness for your target you once felt has long since warped and twisted into perverse obsession, laced with malice and venom and seething hatred. Good or evil does not matter to you. All that matters is they get what they deserve.
What type of villain are you?
Which PsYcHo My Little Pony: FiM Pony Are You?
Ejiro Kirishima You have an emotionally open and outgoing personality. You aren’t afraid to show how you’re feeling to those around you, and you make sure to let people know you care about them. You’re the sort to believe in the power of friendship, and fall very easily into an emotional support role. You’re capable of making friends with most people, as different as their personalities may be. You really just get along with everyone!
Which My Hero Academia Character are You?
Jessica Drew mmmm... im still tryna get a read on you
which across the spider verse Spiderman are you?
Jessica Drew Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman didn't always have it easy. After years in stasis, she found herself in a world without experience and her newfound spider powers pushed her into the arms of Hydra. Despite this, she pulled herself out to become the hero she was always meant to be. Jessica shows her intuition and intelligence in her day-to-day work as a private investigator as well as she saves lives, not afraid to work with others to get things done. She may not be a superhero, but she's always ready to jump back into action if she needs to. Don't let your past define you. For some, it means everything, but for others it's simply what you were able to overcome. You were not always in control of who you were and that lack of control can only mean one thing- It's okay to forgive yourself. It's not who you are if you had no say in it. No matter how much you grow, remember who you once were. Forgiveness of yourself is not a one time thing.
Which Spiderverse Character are you?
makoto kurume growing up you've probably been under appreciated and had always been in the sidelines. you tend to feel inferior towards the people in your surroundings because you believe that everyone is achieving better things compared to you and because of this you tend to view yourself in a lower value. getting to know you in the beginning is quite a challenge because you possess a shy yet timid front that may make you appear unapproachable but that's because you have little social skills. though as soon as you unmask your exterior and indulge with social harmony, you're an incredibly caring yet incredible friend. you may have difficulties with thoroughly expressing your affections but you're a genuinely extraordinary person who deserves far more appreciation with your efforts and you're never doing too little.
hitting you with a truck when kin assing you a skip to loafer character + mini therapy too !!
Herrscher of Stars Like the blackholes created by the ninth herrscher, you are easy to be pulled in by other. Your presence is mandatory. You are a crucial person to those around you. This is your strength. Like there are countless stars in the sky, you too are a guiding light.
What Herrscher are you?
Kim Dokja Hello, little reader. Where would you like to start. Want to talk about how you use fiction as a way to escape your own pathetic life? How you use other peoples tragedies to distract from how miserable you are? Is it because your parents weren’t present in your life like you’d like them to be? Did those characters save you in replacement for the parental figures you were lacking? Want to talk about how you constantly lie to yourself and others. Proclaiming you “prefer to be alone” when you long for companionship—how you deceive and never think of the consequences, is that your way of self sabotaging? Is it because you don’t believe in happy endings? Why is that? Is it because you never found a place or a person you could call home for the longest time, so even when you’re presented with love and affection on a silver platter you still can’t touch the kindness handed out to you. Truly, you’re rather pathetic. Undeniably unremarkable, yet you long to be important in other’s lives. Your inability to accept love stems from the fact that you are so insecure in yourself, it seems impossible that someone could love you, and even more so for those you yourself feel immense care towards. For someone to love you: it is not in your control. Denying peoples capability to love you denies their very existence in relation to you. I hope that one day, through the assurance and constant acts of selfless care you give to those you cherish, that you find yourself worthy of being loved. That one day you can look at a group of people, smile without an ounce of deception or ingenuity, and accept the endless companionship that comes with accepting others feelings of love towards you to be honest and true. I hope that you will no longer be lonely.
Who Are You From The Yoohankim Trio?
Ghost There’s so much to love about ghost-types: they’ve got a cool spooky aesthetic with a lovely color scheme, they can be super strong in battle, and they often have plenty of fun tricks up their sleeve. You’re usually relaxed and enjoyable to be around, but you know how to get serious when you need to. Other trainers respect you, even if they're easily spooked.
What Type Gym Leader Are You?
Meryl Stryfe You're all about responsibility and pragmatism - getting a job done no matter the stakes, and you value hard work and realistic attitudes. However, the world can seem extremely chaotic at times, and that makes you anxious. There are a lot of things to be afraid of, but despite that, you're dedicated to facing your fears and overcoming them. Anxiety can't stop you! You care deeply about the people around you, but often feel split between your responsibilities and your loved ones, and sometimes prioritize getting work done over spending time with people you genuinely care about. You do a lot to be taken seriously - you might be someone who people tend to underestimate based on your age or gender or disposition, and so you feel like you have to go above and beyond to prove yourself. But remember that it's okay to let loose and let yourself get sentimental and spontaneous sometimes. It's okay to be scared, it's okay to be emotional. The people who love you will appreciate you and take you seriously no matter what. Main personality traits: anxious, brave, pragmatic, loyal.
Which Trigun Maximum main character are you? (the manga, not the show)
The Hot One You're that one hunk that EVERYONE has a crush on. Your wit and charm is known to make fangirls faint, and half of the entire fandom's thirst posts are about you. You could eat a cookie and everyone would lose their shit. Congrats, dude.
How Fandom Would See You If You Were A Fictional Character
Super Ultra Gay Autism WOW! you are GAY! like, you're special interest is liking the same gender. You could make a conservative explode by explaining the homoerotic undertones of Supernatural. You have the power to actually change a transphobe's mind. You know all the coolest movies and have the right opinions about candy flavors. Everyone should listen to what you are saying. IF YOU ARE NOT GAY GUESS WHAT YOU'RE THE BEST ALLY AND YOU'RE DOING GREAT, THIS IS A COMPLIMENT OF THE HIGHEST ORDER
What flavor of autism are you?
Buford Van Stomm People tend to judge you based on your appearance. You give off an "I don't care" vibe, but deep down you very much do care. Like a lot. Your friends and family are the most important things in the world to you. While you may not necessarily be book smart, you have one or two topics that you know literally everything about, and your street smarts are top tier. If someone becomes part of your close knit friend group, they better be ready for you to kill for them. Your love language is poking people.
Which Phineas and Ferb Character Are You?
A spirit You were hurt long ago, and though you cannot see it, your wounds are still bleeding. The afterlife waits for you with open arms, but you do not see them. You are bound to the earth by your scars. One day you will be ready to leave them behind, but until you are, you will stay as you are.
Are You An Angel, A Demon Or A Spirit?
Natasha Support and helping those you care about are what you value most. Being able to lead in times of need and deal with problems to the best of you ability. You cherish the people around you and are kind and a leader. That doesn't mean when it comes to trouble you wont be harsh if it means protecting the people you care about.
What Honkai Star Rail character are you?
Shi Qing Xuan Lighthearted and cheery, you’re a joy to be around and are beloved by many — whether you know it or not. You are both the friend people go to for comfort as well as the friend they go to for a good time, and you’re just as skilled in healing others as you are in having laidback fun. You’re an optimist at heart, and though you may find yourself struggling to get back up when the world knocks you down, your faith always manages to outweigh your fear. You thrive most with support from loved ones, and in turn, the positivity and light in your heart never fails to brighten the moods of everyone around you.
Which character from Heaven Official’s Blessing are you?
The Nihility You follow the path of the Nihility. You have an easygoing approach to life. People are often very critical of you, but you don’t care at all. For you, life is about pursuing peace and contentment. You struggle to keep up with deadlines in such a fast-paced society. However, you have the creativity and self-sufficiency to make something out of nothing in a pinch. Self-care comes naturally to you, as you won't let obligations and expectations stop you from being your most authentic self.
Which Honkai: Star Rail class would you be?
a roomba named tevin every single tiny machine created has a name. you are the spirit that gave them the name. you are saying "we both live on the earth so you must also have an experience." you are every friendship with a plastic toy. every thank you to digital assistants. you are creating friendship wherever you can see it.
which uniquely human interaction are you
Pomegranate Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against you, Pomegranate! You might come off as aloof or distant, but in reality, you yearn for a kind of love and acceptance that you don’t think you can ever achieve. You’re probably obsessed with the academia aesthetic, as well as poetry and classic literature. Probably an English major, you immerse yourself in books and movies to distract from your constant yearning. And aching. And also pining! It’s tiring being a romantic, but you think it’s worth it.
What fruit are you :-)
because they can depend on you you aren't the warm fuzzy type who says "i love you" all the time, but you take care of the people you love by always being there. they know they can always rely on you, from making dinner reservations on time to changing their oil when they're due. you can't stand to see your loved ones struggling. don't forget that you're allowed to accept help in return; it's not a one-way street.
why do people love you?
apple you are any color you want to be—golden yellow, bright green, yellow with hues of red, red with hues of yellow, pink, red—you are all encompassing with a tenderly firm shell, any combination of sweet and sour and everything in between, you are as versatile as they come
what kind of fruit are you
Faust Faust's main source material is "Faust", by Goethe. Described as insufferable by the Limbus Company website, Faust carries an incredibly high opinion of herself and her intelligence, claiming to be able to answer any question asked of her. She seems to have a passive-aggressive attitude and feels superior to the other sinners, but she feels dissatisfied with her current situation. The titular character Faust from the original legend is a selfish man who traded his soul to the devil Mephistopheles in return for knowledge and magic power. In most versions of the story, Mephistopheles helps Faust seduce a woman named Gretchen, which ruins her life and ends in her execution. Depending on the version of the story, Faust is either dragged to hell for his crimes and dealings or manages to plead for redemption from God.
What Limbus Company Sinner Are You Most Like?
Naive Cyan The world isn't as kind as you would want to believe. Or maybe you already know that. Do you turn a blind eye to the harsh reality because you think by doing so, you’ll be safe from it? You are surrounded by others, yet why do you feel so isolated? You’ve been living in a world held up by illusions for so long, but that does not make it your reality. Didn’t you wish that you could feel something more than hate or contempt from those who were supposed to shelter you? Why is it that you want for nothing, save for the sense of belonging everyone else seems to come by so easily? If you don't try to learn more about others, it may end up hurting both them and yourself. Open your eyes to reality, embrace it for what it truly is, it may be scary to do so, but isn't it much more fun to be a part of the chaos, rather than just observing from a distance? Your capability for compassion is what makes you not only unique, but stronger than most of us here already. Art is from the official Limbus company twitter, credit to maya (@shihaibomu on twitter) for writing this with me :D
I assign you a color, nothing more :)
back to normalcy. no one ever talks about the "after". whether by luck, grit, or pure indifference, the hum of rust has ceased, and the resumption of days has been thrust upon you. it is surprisingly easy for you to shuffle back into the mundane, but the rhythm you have built is consistent; steady. years pass by before you realize the tinnitus has stopped, and you marvel at how little you think of this. because of course it did. that sound isn't for you. not anymore. [ you remain unchanged. ]
how do you end?
Shizuku Hinomori you are forever elegant and poised, which makes you appear very mature and kind. occasionally, you can be a bit ditsy or clumsy, but your friends label it as one of your charming quirks. your biggest struggle is being viewed for one thing and one thing only, which causes trouble among people who are close to you. you frequently wish that people would see your true nature and personality, and not just know you for one trait. your biggest goal is being true to yourself, and you feel closer to it every day, especially with the help of your friends. please remember that the sum is greater than the parts, and that you are a person who should be valued beyond just one trait or talent.
which project sekai character are you? (EXTENSIVE)
pyro your heart has always been filled with love and passion. your interests have taken up your whole life, and you have dedicated so many years to what you love. when it comes to what you like, you hold onto it for dear life. it is extremely special to you, and in your eyes, you are the only one who can take proper care of it. you are the best one for the job, it was made for you. you have always wanted to share the beauty of your interests to others, and show just how incredible it is. everyone should know. everyone should be aware of this. at this point, your family and friends are fully aware, even if they support it or not.. family and friends are extremely important to you, and you hold them close. despite all the hurt, you cant help but see the good in people. you wish theyd change, and you give out way too many chances. you are too good for this world, and people know this. they take advantage of your big heart, and turn on you when you least expect it. you dont deserve that. you entered this world with love. and you will leave it with love as well. you are tired, and thats fine. but at least you lived and shared your love. not everyone can do what you do. you are so special.
what vision would you possess in genshin impact?
I/Me/Myself First of all, you are definitely queer and/or some flavor of transgender. Second of all, STOP ENABLING YOUR FRIENDS' TOXIC BEHAVIORS. You need to learn how to stand up for yourself and become your own person, because you are so strong and you deserve to have people around you who aren't shitty! You should probably get into therapy for those trust issues after you manage to get away from all the toxic people in your life - no shame, we've all been through it. By "we all" I mean that I have too. Anyways, you also probably really like reptiles and you like hero-to-villain stories, or vice-versa. You're a very cool person and likely have a badass and unique sense of style.
what song are you from will wood's 'the normal album'?
Edogawa Ranpo Little guy!!!!! Hello ur a sherlock holmes kinnie ehwhghdshvd. You're energetic and very passionate, but only selectively. You could really care less about most shit that's going on around you and you're a bit of a contradiction in terms. You're the kind of person who teachers just fucking hated no matter what kind of grades you got and you don't understand most other people but can pick out very unnecessary details and will just Say Things that are Not Socially Acceptable a lot. You tend to brag and can be a serious attention seeker. You can be kind of childish and you don't have much patience, but you have reasons to be that way, you probably never got to have a normal childhood and no one ever bothered to care about you when you were young so any sort of praise is gold. You'll be fine if you find people who like you and understand you, find some place where you can do what you love. You are incredibly autistic coded.
bungo stray dogs kin assignment bc i am unsatisfied with the available bsd quizzes
the rebel. you were probably made painfully aware of the reality of the world at an early age. this might have left you a bit jaded, but it mostly has made you angry. why do things have to be this way? is there really no way to change things, or are people just afraid to do so? you’re very stubborn and determined, sometimes too stubborn for your own good. don’t forget that your way isn’t the only way, be open to discussion. your heart’s in the right place though, and i admire your spirit. the world always needs more people like you, that’s how the course of history keeps on rolling. remember, even small changes can do so much for the lives of others.
what’s your literary archetype?
shinano eiji ah hello my sunshine friend! i truly admire how you continue to look at the world with these childlike bright eyes despite even what happened to you. you really believe that it made you who you are and you don't give up under any circumstances. most likely you love to talk about what you love with all your heart and you can not understand when to stop. it's fine! it's a charming trait, to be honest. do you know that your friends look at you as if you are a small sun warming them with your colorful rays? don't lose that trait in yourself. do you know how hard it is to remain kind and pure soul when life has dipped your face in the dirt time after time? yes, you definitely know. the sun burned its skin before it could warm. i believe that strength is in kindness. strength is in your attractive smile. the strength is in the way your tone softens when you laugh with your dear friends. you know if i talked to you closer i would like to believe in all the best that is in the world.
cell of empireo kin quiz
Charles You are stuck. Stuck in life, stuck in death, stuck in a world of your own creating. Nothing is working and it all feels worthless. You are in so much pain and nobody sees it and you are screaming out in the only way you can, hoping to connect to somebody. Anybody. Is anybody out there? Is anybody listening? Why won't anybody tell me it matters? I'll tell you this: it does matter. Your attempts have left a mark on this world and when you are gone, the universe will remember. Your time will begin again. Your story is not yet complete, and when it ends, it will end sweetly.
Won't you come and join me in dreamseeing?
The Soldier "There will come a soldier Who carries a mighty sword He will tear your city down" Righteousness. Strength. Violence. You see a door and break through it. You wonder, sometimes, if anger is the only thing you can feel. Remember : love is passion too. You made your own rules and will follow them to death. You try and forget that there is only one rule, and that it is "FIGHT". You are tired of fighting. You try to forget that, too, and keep going. You dream of quiet. Your love is where you heal. God knows you deserve to. (Really. You deserve to.) Art : Sir Galahad, George Frederic Watts
Are you a Soldier, a Poet, or a King ?
Cypher After losing his family to the wars, Cypher operates on the deep web and provides information before you can even see him coming. Hailing from Morocco, Cypher is a Sentinel known for locking people out of sites and keeping vision on enemies. You're probably kind of mysterious and unknown but genuinely care for those close to you, you've probably experienced big loss and it's only made you more caring.
What Valorant Agent Are You?
Tetia Oh you're a curious bugger! You love your friends, and they have to know it! You've got very specific morals that aren't set in stone. You love learning but you hate putting the work into it. When somebody wants to ask a waiter something at a restaurant, all of the eyes turn you. You're charismatic while not being overbearing, and you're a genuinely fun person to be around!
What Witch Hat Atelier character are you most like?
Citrus Dragon Released in 2009, the Citrus Dragon is a beloved friend. Their description is "There are certainly no smoke and mirrors when it comes to the Citrus Dragon! Their brightly-colored scales keep them extra warm, so this dragon likes to stay cool by snacking on some Citrus Sherbet Sorbet. Thoughtful and kind, Citrus Dragons also have their own Lemonade Stand to help keep everyone cool!" They radiate comfort and safety, it's easy to assume you do too. You are precious to those around you, I assure you.
Let me kin assign you a Webkinz
Patroclus clever patroclus, beloved patroclus, poor patroclus: you do fall into madness, nor vanity, nor hubris. not, that is, for your own sake. love for that golden-haired man, sorrow for your countrymen; it is for his name that you don his armor, and for the dying greeks that you ride into battle. every piece of you is willingly given away, even if after you are gone there are wicked things done in your name.
which tragic greek figure are you?
mami saying it outright, youre a people pleaser. you have a demeanor that draws people to you due to your selfless nature but you only act like that so you stop losing those who matter to you. your friends mean everything to you and youve based your entire life around them. because of this, you are happy most of the time but also have attachment issues which you struggle to resolve. if you were an animal you'd be a spider, you draw people in easily by your beauty and friendliness, but soon they find themselves trapped. so essentially, give both yourself and those you care about time to breathe. breaks are okay, do something different, watch a horror movie idk song rec: tale for the ages from the dr stone ost
scientifically correct madoka magica assignment
mommy mom You definitely know who you are and you're very responsible. I am sensing that you really like the taste of cilantro. I bet you even know what it looks like.You care for people deeply, but are constantly afraid that you are messing up. Maybe you're a bit of a control freak. Let go. Get plastered like, soon. It doesn't make you better than everyone else because you're together. Tomorrow, you will trip on the leg of a chair and you will break an important item. Reflect on that when it happens. idk. If you were alive during the salem witch trials you would've been one of the mothers silently judging the witch children even though they were literally just dying of encephalitis. bitch.
Super Accurate Personality Test
tired you are tired but not just the kind of tired that you need sleep, you are tired with others yourself and the world in general and you just want a break but allow yourself some self care time and spend some time with those who make you happy I promise it will be better and remember you are an amazing person- stop putting urself down
what human emotion are you
the prophetic hero you die saving the world, as you were always supposed to. peace comes only with your blood. the world will remember you for centuries. they will write poems, create art, and film movies all about you. no one will remember what you were before your death. maybe you don't even know it either. you have spent so long saving the world time after time that there is nothing left of you except the heroism. you die never knowing love.
which tragic death would you suffer
dappled sunlight you see all the beautiful things in life. you're always looking to learn and be better, especially from the world around you. thank you for believing so strongly in goodness. art reference: woodland glade by david poulter
which art motif are you?
silent glare you are a kind person who has been hurt one too many. you glare at them from across the room. you leave cryptic messages to them. you walk past them with your head held high. you're hurting on the inside, but all of this is to make them regret. this silent rage is to make them regret hurting you.
what type of anger do you have?
Rizzosaurus rex (2nd most rizz) Okay let's just say with a smidge of effort you can pull whoever you want. You probably a lot hotter than you think you are and your personality gets people super attached;) but most of all your body, face and style got everyone drooling
What's your rizz? (very accurate)
Dendro "I had a very, very long dream..." "In it, people were holding hands, dancing in a circle, be they sages or fools, dancers or warriors, puppets or statues of gods..." "That dancing circle embodied everything about the universe. Life has always been the end, while it is wisdom that shall be the means." Life is the mystery of the road not taken, and you are intrigued by it. Curiosity drives you because the mundane has failed you. You value wisdom in your heart even though it alone cannot sustain you. You strive to accomplish something meaningful, because that will be proof you lived. You are an artist, but struggle to pick up your pen. Your dream is of creation and your home is where you accept you are more than what you leave behind.
CELESTIA NOTICED YOU! What Genshin Vision did you get?
misha you're so full of love. you just never had a place to give it to yet continued to seek it. when is anyone ever going to wrap a blanket around you and hold you warm and safe ? don't you want to be filled up with this love, so full, you would think everything was fine ? you know screaming for it won't be heard. you deserve love. someone will hold your hand. maybe remembering this will be enough for a while.
assigning you a vnc character.
Loser You are definitely not an actual loser. You're a cool person and you get along with most people. You are unproblematic and just want to be alone most of the time. You might not be what you expected but idk what i did with this quiz
Slut Princess Loser Quiz!
crying for hours is not a healthy coping mechanism you find it easier to just fall apart and pick up the pieces afterwards than trying to stay together, you just wish you were happy but you don't know how to get there, and your camera roll is full of pictures of you crying
let me psychoanalyze you
you. not your reflection, not a large photo, cardboard cut out, or someone's version of you. a living, breathing human. that human is you. which version of you is the question.
who were you written by?
A poet You are a poet. You might not think so, but you are. You see a beauty in the world around you-- every inch of it. You feel you are just observing a world that is not yours to be in. You like to walk alone: it gives you time to sort your thoughts. You might not know where you're going, but that's ok. You'll go where the wind takes you. You find so much of the world incredible, even the darkness is fascinating. It's going to be ok. Trust me.
Who are you really?
dullahan you like a gentleman. someone who can treat you well, but also someone who can narrow their eyes and make you weak at the knees. this one just doesn't have eyes, so the poise and confidence of it all will have to do. have fun watching them slice people's heads off with those deft hands, grip the reigns of the horse, and take you for a gallop.
which hot monster are you going to hook up with tonight?
ixfj 2w3 you are such a caring and lovely human being! you always make sure everyone is thought of and included, and you’re an excellent listener. you make mental notes of things people say and make sure that they know that you remember what they like and care about.
what pdb typology contradiction are you (but it’s actually just an excuse to compliment you)
frustrated so many big things have happened that a little one sets you off. your angry and that anger turns to hot tears. you scream in frustration and try to verbally or physically release all of the anger by yelling/throwing things. eventually you fall into a pile on the floor full of brokenness.
what type of crying are you?
spiritual spiriter your zodiac sign basically dictates how you act and you can tell someone their own personality by their chart without googling anything and somehow be accurate. its kind of scary and you've probably been criticized for it but i think it's kind of cool. you probably know what the word chakra means. i don't. you have healing crystals and tarot cards and you have a witchy board on pinterest.
what oddly specific personality type are you?
• albedo • the chill type, artistic, enjoys nature and the things that may not be noticed by others. strong feeling of family love and friendship
• genshin impact kin assignment (updated) •
I am a Togetic! I'm a Pixie Frog! What Tokyo Mew Mew Character Are You?
You were born during a Full moon
- what it says about you - You've spent your life in the middle of things, whether it's between people who oppose each other, ideas that oppose each other, or places that are very different. You're very aware of perspectives outside the norm and good at anticipating how different people will see a situation. You value second opinions, because they give you a feeling of balance. You don't have a single group of friends and the people you spend time with may not have a lot in common with each other.
What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at
Kuro Where are you? You've been searching for some sort of belonging for so long, it's okay to sit and rest. I know you want to connect with others, to be understood for once in your life. You yearn and yearn for some sort of solace. There doesn't seem to be any real hints as to where to find it. Remember, relationships are a collaboration. It's okay to lay down your sword and allow someone else to shield you. OR stop thinking the solution to your problems is killing people, drink a capri sun
Which ZENO character are you?
Apollo honestly im much kinder in all the other ones but you have... such bottom energy. I mean really. you've got the whole homosexual tragic romance thing going on. Its not bad! its just i feel like you invented tragic relationships. congrats on being good at literally everything though, its totally fair that you get music, poetry, culture, truth, prophesy etc etc etc. oh yeah and the epitome of beauty. leave something for the rest of us huh?
Which Greek god do you share vibes with
Lady of the Lake Your past has not been kind to you and you come from tragic beginnings, but you are pure of heart and devoted to helping those who are as lost as you once were. In some ways, you might feel trapped where you are in life, but you are able to make the most of what is available to you. Ultimately, you are capable of great decisions and can decide who wields power. You choose to be loved rather than feared.
Which mythical creature are you?
You are the Protagonist You're probably sweet and bubbly and friendly! Some people underestimate you, but that doesn't stop you from being optimistic. You might be a bit naive, but that only adds to your charm. my rude friend says : quit being a fucking pushover and get some pussy. (Cardia, Code: Realize)
Which Otome Character Arch-type are you?
familiarity you feel like returning home to a place that you love leaving just to experience the pleasure of returning again; you're a memory glazed in gold, the reassuring flash of a familiar smile from across the room, a mug of coffee made exactly how you like it down to the last drop. my eyes droop when im around you and my shoulders slump, a content grin slips out of my mouth, i know im safe, i can relax. why dont you join me, just this once? i'll turn on a movie and we dont even have to watch it, just sit with me on this sofa made for two. can you even remember the last time you didnt have to bear the weight of the world upon your shoulders?
what type of feeling do you encapsulate?
character that keeps getting fucked over you might be going through it but dont worry! children 10 years younger than you will call you their smol baby on twitter (character egs - spencer reid, steve harrington, remus lupin)
how would you be perceived if you were a fictional character?
Bridgette You're super down to Earth and easy to get along with. You're easy to be around some everyone considers you a friend. You have a strong moral code and wont let anything get in the way of what you think is right. I bet all your friends had a crush on you at some point. You just want everyone to get along always and hate choosing sides.
Which Total Drama Island character are you???
Porch Ghost the front yard swing’s rusted chain; the same shade of chipping bark, the same red that makes you check your hands twice for a cut you’ve maybe missed. the taste of tobacco and wet soil. a bare porch, every rocking chair still in sway. the smell of horse hair and open sky. a feeling you’re never watching the sunset alone, a soft chuckle to a conversation you can’t hear. an orange sand settles on the floorboards. some dust travels miles to come home again.
what kind of ghost are you?
Black Lab Well this is unexpected. You're a black lab! You may gravitate towards the aesthetics of a black cat, but really you're a loveable puppy under the surface. You may have a love for horror, gothic literature, the night, and other dark aesthetics, but personality wise, you are the one full of energy who never runs out of fun facts to ramble about. You may have a ton of hyperfixations and talk for too long, but everyone who cares to know you will find your passion endearing. You might even intimidate others at first, but when they get to know you, they learn you're as sweet as they come.
Are you a Black Cat or a Golden Retriever?
your fear of abandonment is eating you alive you've had to deal with abandonment in the past and it still affects your present. you're probably either codependent and need constant reassurance that the people you love aren't leaving or you have a deep fear of commitment and don't get close to others as a self-protecting mechanism. whichever side you identify with more, this fear isn't doing you any service. stop blaming yourself for someone else leaving you because their decision does not have any reflection of who you are. you deserve to practice self compassion and acceptance, you are enough and you are worthy of love from others :')
choose songs from my spotify playlists and I'll psychoanalyze you
wrong clothes fuck. the jacket you’re wearing is too heavy and when you take it off you’re too cold and your shirt’s the wrong texture. none of the clothes in your wardrobe feel right, or fit in the way you need them to. your skin is crawling again. it’s not going well, is it? you think about crying, like you’re standing outside of your body and peering at your own face. go on. cry, why won’t you just cry? it’s almost unbearable, just a fration short of that. but that’s the catch, that’s the catch. you’ve been a fraction short of ‘lost my mind’ for so long, that you don’t know what it’ll take for you to break. so you keep on going, you stay the same. sludge in your brain no matter what direction you tilt it in. we’re walking through water, love. but you don’t know how to say you don’t know how to swim. i think you should sit in the sunniest corner you can find and listen to mitski’s cover of ‘let’s get married’, and it’ll make you feel a little bit better. (and I know it's bad when we look out / but bad, bad people don't live in our house)
how long have you been tired?
congrats you got xiao!! GUYS stop saying xiao is toxic in relationships, he’s very capable to continue a stable relationship. he just hasn’t really seen healthy love and is traumatized from his past. that doesn’t mean he’s completely not function-able. YES, he doesn’t have much human emotions since he’s not human. but he can still try. he will probably stalk you from afar to make sure you’re okay. he’s very shy although he doesn’t show it much. he’d probably shake if he played with your hair because he knows you’re fragile. he’s afraid of you leaving like the rest, but he doesn’t think you’re weak. def not an empath, would probably cause a couple mistakes. but COMMUNICATION is key, please talk to him. ofc he needs reassurance, it helps him learn and understand. the type to sit beside you when you’re feeling upset and would suddenly ask if you can see a certain constellation in the sky because he doesn’t know how to ask you if you’re okay.
do this and ill tell u which genshin guy would date u and why
mei i cant be mean to you you’re so silly and fun. just stop staying in your room all the time ily!!
assigning you a tbhk kin except im mean
in it to have fun, adventurous, curious, open-minded
✧ choose things for your bag/rucksack/purse and i'll tell you how strangers see you ✦
literally just some guy you are just trying to live life, ok? so what if that means having "NPC energy"?? you may be average but that's better than all those wackos thinking mental instability is a personality. you're probably an overall kind and friendly person just doing your best to help who you can and do what you love.
which of my oddly specific fave character archetypes are you
English Breakfast You appreciate the simple things in life. You would rather spend a cozy day at home with your loved ones than do anything else. You've been 82 for years now, and as every old person, you tend to think you're right all the time. Knitting and puzzles are cool and all, but please stop ghosting every single one of your friends and go out of the house every once in a while.
What kind of tea are you?
Red You are all that is hot and passionate. You are love and hate. You are the heart that beats and the blood that pumps it, You are beauty and destruction, You are red, you are perfect, please visit me again.
shooting star you are the embodiment of a perfect moment—the kind that happens too quick and that you want to last forever. the kind that you blink and you’ll miss it. the kind that people wish they could capture in a bottle so they crack it open and remember how it felt to be temporarily invincible. you’re good at being able to see beyond current circumstances—a true visionary. you’re the one who believes even when no one else does. the one willing to take risks in the slim chance they’ll pay off. you’re sometimes unrealistic and don’t make room for other viewpoints. you can become frustrated when others just don’t get it. you also have a hard time caring about things that don’t align with your worldview or people that have a different perspective. you are the pure essence of yearning. you’re never content—always searching, always warning more. you inspire people to keep wishing to keep making new spur-of-the-moment dreams and decisions they might regret later. you remind people of their free will. that this life is their own and they can choose to make the most of it. you’re the sudden joy of a compliment from a stranger passing in the street. the moment when someone’s trying not to smile and finally yields. the first night in a new city grappling with what you’ve just done. there’s no going back, only your new reality—strange but not bad. just new. you sometimes have a hard time saying no or turning down an opportunity. you don’t want to miss out, but all those possibilities at once can get overwhelming. know that there’s still time. life won’t leave you behind and it's better to travel further in the long run than lose stamina halfway. you are endearingly earnest and just a complete joy to be around. your all-or-nothing approach is truly awe-inspiring and being around you is a reminder of all the magic that exists in this life. never lose your spark—the world needs you more than you know. art: still from the movie howl's moving castle
pick some art off Pinterest and i'll assign you a celestial entity
january you do diligent and high quality work that keeps things together. you are sturdy and kind. you are friendly but steadfast. you are no stranger to days where the sun is shining but it is bitterly cold. you go through hard times but keep your values at the center, never wavering. you are a lover and a fighter. you do not give up easily but you know when it is the right choice.
What Month Matches Your Personality?
warmth i'll start by saying this. you are what wearing a jumper in autumn feels like, the comfort a bowl of soup contains during sickness, you are sunlight streaming through the gauze of a curtain; simple yet you feel like a piece of art so well made it makes my heart ache. in the middle of the night, when its cold and lonely, i think of you and pull your presence through my brain, the way one would pull a blanket over their body. im starting to feel better now (but dont leave me yet). you are rosy cheeks and hot chocolate and woolly scarves and the smell of just baked pie. i would gladly suffer through 7 bouts of the flu just so you could come and nurse me back to health. when you're with me nothing ever feels wrong, nothing even exists but you and me alone together. the music is starting to fade but we will continue dancing and the world will continue moving and we will still be here. i think you are scared of not being needed but i will always need you so replay that record and join me in the kitchen. your worth isnt based on what you have to offer okay? you would do well to remember that. people love you for you, not your assets.
what type of feeling do you encapsulate?
Discontent You create from discontent. Most of your life has been spent being uncomfortable in your own skin. This body is just another house that's never felt like home. You don't know how to be at ease in this world or this life. Art is a way of running away, of forgetting yourself and escaping to a more comfortable place. To cope with an unhospitable reality, you create more welcoming worlds to consume your work and your waking hours. But the foundation of your art has always been your discontent with the real world and your life within it. Lurking behind the inviting scenery you dream of is the desperate desire to be anywhere but here. It is a world constructed as a respite from this one. Such vivid fantasies are the dream of one who considers reality a prison.
What emotion do you create from?
manipulative you're probably a passive aggressive person. you frequently lie, and gaslight to get your way. you never want to be held responsible for your actions so you avoid situations by either victimizing yourself, belittling others concerns, hiding the truth, and using threats to harm yourself or others
revealing your red flag
wish bear!! you're wish bear!! whether you're the artsy type or just really into form of expression, you have an incredible soul and a deep understanding of and appreciation for all of the world's beauty—especially the people in it. although you may be on the quieter side, your reticence is just you trying to soak up and appreciate every moment you get to spend with people. it also makes you much more observant than people might expect given your dreamy disposition: you take immense care to learn about others so that you can best protect, serve, and love them. you are a very grateful person who understands the value of working hard and as much as you wish it wasn't so, you definitely know that everything in life takes effort. that doesn't stop you from dreaming of an easier life for yourself and others, but you don't let it distract you from appreciating what you have and taking care of everyone in your life. the stars will align for you sooner rather than later: just keep your lovely heart open and don't let your head drift far into the clouds until then. you've got everything it takes to make all your wishes come true.
which care bear are you?
You Would Be A Decent Immortal You would actually enjoy your immortality, and not regret it. You might not be perfectly suited, but very few people truly are. You have a short list of loved ones whom you love dearly, and you have a long list of things you want to see and do, and you would be endlessly grateful for the time to go and do those things. The loneliness would hurt, sometimes, but you would eventually find someone new to fill the gaps.
Would You Make A Good A Immortal?
ghost type! you’re not afraid to get a little mischievous! you like to pull pranks on your friends and cause a healthy amount of trouble. you take a while to get comfortable, but when you do, you tease your friends like a sibling!
which pokemon type are you?
hermit crab you are a hermit crab! your very playful, energetic, social, and freindly, but you can also be aggressive and rude when you have to be. you enjoy parties and social gatherings, and you have lots of good friends. you enjoy nature, and think plants and trees are all beautiful in their own way.
government assigned little ocean creature
honeywell turboforce fan (white) i unplugged this and handed it to you, can you plug it into the wall for me? thank you so much. i know you enjoy being appreciated for the tasks you perform for other people. desperately trying to be noticed through all the buzz of the world. it's okay. i see you. you're doing great, sweetie. please go to sleep
THROWS this object at you. answer 9 questions and you will get an OBJECT that i will THROW at you. gently
You have anger issues You my guy have anger issues and maybe try to get some help for that. Although I gotta say anger comes from a place of being hurt and fighting for yourself, never let that change. You deserve kindness and love
Design a playlist from my favourite songs and I will judge you :))
acerbic wit you're a mentor — an old scarred wolf, an injured soldier, a disgraced paladin. your teachings read as shamelessly pretentious, speaking in rhymes and biting down hard into anyone stupid enough to make the wrong move. this isn't your first life, nor your second, nor your sixth — you'll make the most of your time shackled to this world, no matter how many loops it takes to get it right. with every defeat, you reincarnate; a little smarter, a little quicker, crueler and nastier. will you choose to be brutal, equalizing, that final strike in the face of your enemies? will you go soft, become tender and domesticated? the choice is yours. it's not like i can stop you.
once you're stripped clean, what's at your core?
hero and villain the perfect narrative foils, they both directly oppose the other's life goals and yet, can't help feeling drawn to each other. if you're a hero type, you probably have a savior complex (think: i could fix him)(you probably can't) if you're a villain type, you desperately want someone to help you and love you despite your many flaws. either way.... therapy pls
what relationship trope/ship dynamic are you + a soul read (slightly brutal but very accurate)
Snow You're fun to be around when you're in a good mood, but your short-temper is nothing to sneeze at. Your sense of humor is pretty dark, and while your friends are used to it and know you're only joking, sometimes it makes them wonder if you're actually serious. You never hold back over anything, even when you know you should. Whenever you're in a fight with someone, even if they're very dear to you, you go all out and hurt them with everything you have. Your explosiveness could end up costing you some of your most dear relationships if you're not careful. On the other hand, you're very knowledgeable about most things, and somehow always know what to say to make others feel better. Treasure every bond you form, and they'll treasure you back ten-fold.
Which Mahoyaku Character Are You?
the prodigy now this is most like the child protagonist who witnesses complete incompetence and feels so trapped in it that they have to find their way to a better tomorrow (all by themselves). whether it's wit, intelligence, creativity, privilege, or skill, you use your assets to their utmost, usually under the guidance of someone who knows how to hold you back just enough. you've earned your triumphs, and your adventures help you find power and control where before there was none. and sure, the arrogance can be quirky, but like, in very small doses.
which type of protagonist are you?
Custard Cookie III You're highly cheerful and want everyone to look at you and be put front center of everything. You know you're destined for grandness and you'll make sure everyone knows about it, though really you just want people to like you and listen to you. People might call you naive or childish, but really you're just very easy-going and love to have fun, if only they'd respect you more..... Don't let people bring you down, they're probably just jealous anyway, right? There's nothing wrong with a little confidence, at the end of the day the right people will come to know you and like you as you are.
What CR:Kingdom cookie are you?
The stoic team leader who doesn't trust the main character at first You often feel like you need to take responsability for those around you and to protect them. You struggle to show your love through other means, so you take that task seriously. Your friends know they can always count on you no matter what. However that leads you to be mistrustful of others' actions before getting to know them, usually asuming the worst of them. On the exterior you might seem cold, calculating and distant. But those close to you know that's far from the truth, you just have a particular way of demostrating it. When it comes to love, you'll probably try to deny it at first, bury it before it grows more than it should. Mostly because you're so accustomed to being the strong one, that allowing yourself to be vulnerable for once scares you. But it's exhausting to constantly keep that guard up, sometimes you need to take a rest and allow yourself to be the one being taken care of. Don't forget that.
Which type of love interest would you be in a dating simulator?
pink Pink is often a color associated with love, kindness, and compassion, and many times, idols associated with the color fit into those ideas. However, there may be outliers where the idols are a bit rougher around the edges, and while they may not seem the most kind at first, should you get to know them, they're generous souls who cherish those important to them greatly. Many idols associated with the color pink, while normally very friendly and cheerful, may be prone to doubting themselves at times, but their fellow idols often cherish them greatly.
what would your image color be as an idol?
Lumine You aren't very bold at first glance. Some people don't think twice about you, but those who do know that you have a very strong personality You're witty and clever, and have a very bold sense of humor You have a strong sense of justice and will choose the path you think is right, regardless of who else is alongside you. However, you are very friendly and a great listener, making anyone who meets you feel at home, while also being very protective of those you love. You know when to be serious and when to joke around, although you much prefer to joke around. Overall, you are great at accomplishing what you put your mind to, and won't settle for any less. You know how to have fun and won't hesitate to do so when you get the chance. You have a gentle heart and fiery soul. (And in my opinion, the better traveler.)
The EXTREMELY EXTENSIVE Genshin Impact Kin Quiz - Which playable character are you?
"no one knows me like you do" the mortifying ordeal of being known or, as you like to call it, your biggest goal in life. you crave being known, you want to be seen. it doesn't even matter if the one who knows you is your enemy, there's a satisfaction in being known at all. it's fine, we're all a little lonely. you just probably feel it more deeply that the rest of us.
which of the five homoerotic love languages are you?
dazai you did it to yourself. you were so afraid of dropping your facade, you hid under it for so long, you have lost all sense of self. the blood on your hands have mixed in with others' blood. you don't know what you want anymore nor who you are. the meaningless life of a meaningless character. but there's always that desire deep inside of you. perhaps a need for someone who you can trust wholeheartedly so you can drop your facade and be loved as you are: broken, empty, but a human who is trying their best nonetheless.
bsd kin assignment
wisdom and knowledge intelligent and trusted, there is rarely a soul who doesn't hear and value your voice. you act as a guiding light in an array of situations. calm and wise, you offer the deepest and sincerest insights regarding the world's problems.
if you were a deity, what would you be the god of?
006 - mahiru soooo let me guess borderline personality disorder? you have one thing you focus on, and youve been focusing on it for a long, long time - to the point it has became your entire personality, and its hard for you to know how to live without it. it might be love and the idea of being in a relationship - because, after all, thats what we all want, right? for someone to understand us and to stay by our side no matter what. sadly, you might go a bit overboard with it and not even realize how intense your feelings are, ignoring how the other person might feel
milgram (deco*27) prisoner kin assignment
amy rose you are very sweet and caring but you are also no pushover. you do not let people walk all over you. you tend to look on the bright side of things and try your best to be as positive as you can be. you are also a bit of a hopeless romantic. your music recommendations are: Just a Girl by No Doubt, The One by Tracy Bonham, One Way or Another by Blondie, Don't Speak by No Doubt, Seashore by The Regrettes
i assign you a sonic kin and music to listen to based off of it
full of golden light the smell of soup cooking in the other room. golden hour sunlight peeking in through the windows. laughter that bounces against the walls and smiles you can't help but mirror. you're easy to approach. your best feature is probably your smile. you don't mind looking silly if it makes people laugh. you're not easily embarrassed. you're calm and you make people feel at ease. you're a good listener because you really really care what they have to say. people leave every interaction with you feeling just a little bit more loved. you're a kind soul, and people can see that. you mean so much more to people than you know.
how do strangers perceive you?
matryoshka doll. intuitive, wise, canny, yet more playful and vibrant than others may think. you're multifaceted, show different faces in different situations, and may have trouble understanding yourself. all your faces are part of you, though, and as you know, the whole is greater than the individual parts.
what kind of doll would you be?
gon so many things to say about you. you prioritize your friends over yourself, and even if it doesn't always show, you feel like you are missing your purpose in the world, you are constantly chasing after something unattainable because of your lack of self-love. stop trying to chase after people or things that will never happen. you are perfect the way you are, so stay that way. you are also probably gay.
giving you a brutal kin.
Traveler you strive to make the world a better place. you have a weak moral compass, but this doesnt make you any less compassionate. you help others where you have been unable to help yourself.
which genshin character are you but it's 100% fact and you can never change it
oh shit, I think that you are mentally stable, idk what to say on second thought, if you took this quiz you are not really fine, right? but seriously... do mentally stable people really exist? how do you become one of them?
answer some random questions and I'll tell you what the fuck is wrong with you
Welt Yang You're smart. You've got everything figured out and that's what you want everyone to believe. You like to plan ahead and figure things out before hand to other people can take it easy. Probably the kid everyone leached off in school group assignments. You have no sense of self preservation and that's what makes you reckless. But youd rather sacrifice yourself for the better then see another person get hurt. You shouldn't be so reckless dumbass. If you do end up getting hurt the people around you are gonna be upset, take better care of yourself
i kin assign u someone from honkai impact
seraphim you are a seraph, the highest in the hierarchy of angels and the angel that is closest to god. you exist in the first triad of angels, whose purpose is to contemplate and adore god directly. "seraph" means "fiery one", and as such, these angels are constantly burning in passion and in light. they are one track mind creatures who exist to indulge in their love and worship for god as they fling themselves around his throne shouting "HOLY! HOLY! HOLY!". the only distinct physical trait we know about seraphim is that they have 6 wings, but they do not use these wings to fly, rather to hide their inconceivable bodies. some interpretations say they hide their faces so that they do not perceive god, as they are not worthy to, and they hide their bodies as they are impure and should not subject their god to such a thing. unlike other angels, they have no duties of protection or interpretation. their love for god is all that they exist to be, and it makes them the most powerful angels because that love is so straightforward and pure. if you got this result, i'd assume that the love you feel is similarly as strong and fiery as the seraphim. you feel things on a very intense, dramatic level and this effects your life very much. your emotions tend to control you whether you let them or not, and when you love something, you love it deeply and unwaveringly. you are guilty of having a one track mind, and if you could, you would spend the rest of your life without any responsibilities, with only the feeling of being with the ones you care about the most remaining. love is the reason why the world turns round and its the reason why youre still alive, and you want to feel and feel and feel until your heart gives out.
where are you on the angel hierarchy?
Nagihiyo / Hiyonagi They :] Hiyojun is cute too but Nagihiyo is really something else, they're so compassionate with each other and their interactions are always just really sweet. You're most likely kind of aloof and jokey on the outside but you really long for affection on the inside, it's okay to show that once in a while dont be nervous bestie! Congrats on getting one of the best ships in the results. also sorry i tried to not use story screenshots for the result images but this is just one of The images ever so i had 2
i assign you an enstars ship based on your preferences
Tragic You're the sympathetic villain who does not-quite-bad-enough-stuff-to-be-hated for a very good reason. And you're redeemed by dying. Everyone's angry about it, you could have had an amazing redemption arc if you lived.
How Fandom Would See You If You Were A Fictional Character
sarcastic fan favourite your mental health is hanging by a thread and that thread consists of dark humor and your mom jokes. youre prolly really hot, anyways everyone loves you and you have the most fan edits! you probably wear beanies a lot
what character you would be in literally any movie
chronic romanticizer you can't accept things the way they are; you build people and events up in your head to be so much more than they are, because you want the dreams you've held onto for so long to be fulfilled. there is beauty in imperfection; you will be so much happier if you learn how to love what's real.
fall in love and i'll diagnose you with a problem!!
guy who gets bit by venomous insects on purpose and rates the pain on a numerical scale yeah let's go camping!, i'll have 911 on speed-dial
What kind of Guy are you?
jordan's Dewey Decimal Section:
472 Classical Latin etymology
jordan = 058414 = 058+414 = 472

400 Language

Linguistics and language books.

What it says about you:
You value communication, even with people who are different from you. You like trying new things don't mind being exposed to unfamiliar territory. You get bored with routines that never change.
Find your Dewey Decimal Section at
jordan's Dewey Decimal Section:
718 Landscape design of cemeteries
jordan's birthday: 7/15/2003 = 715+2003 = 2718

700 Arts & Recreation

Architecture, drawing, painting, music, sports.

What it says about you:
You're creative and fun, and you're good at motivating the people around you. You're attracted to things that are visually interesting. Other people might not always understand your taste or style, but it's yours.
Find your Dewey Decimal Section at
jordan's Dewey Decimal Section:
027 General libraries

000 Computer Science, Information & General Works

Encyclopedias, magazines, journals and books with quotations.

What it says about you:
You are very informative and up to date. You're working on living in the here and now, not the past. You go through a lot of changes. When you make a decision you can be very sure of yourself, maybe even stubborn, but your friends appreciate your honesty and resolve.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at
Which Madoka Magica Girl Are You? Which Alpha Female Troll Are You? Which Chobits Character Are You?
What Type Of Dere Are You?
you are lavender

Your dominant hue is blue, making you a good friend who people love and trust. You're good in social situations and want to fit in. Just be careful not to compromise who you are to make them happy.

Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
the html color quiz
The Engineering Personality Quiz
You can work out big ideas but in a very independent way. You love analyzing a problem from all different sides and viewpoints. You know a lot more than you let on.

You might make a good
Materials Engineer
Materials engineers apply the properties of matter to engineering. They may work with special building materials like ceramics or composites, or assist electrical engineers in creating small components with crystals.

Other scores:
Materials: 46%
Electrical: 38%
Civil: 30%
Chemical: 30%
Industrial: 23%
Mechanical: 23%
Aerospace: 23%
Environmental: 23%
Computer: 7%

What kind of engineer should you be? Find out at

Your Personality type is The Harmonizing Gentle Spirit

TrueType: 9-4-7 Primary Enneagram Type: 9

The Gentle Spirit is empathic, inventive, and tolerant. They endeavor to behave with originality and positivity while maintaining their equanimity. In an effort to maintain group cohesion and a sense of acceptance, they can hide their painful or challenging feelings from themselves and others. They are optimistic and often awe-inspired by beauty, tenderness, and whimsy. Fueled by idealism, they are often drawn to healing professions.

Type 9 The Pleasant Peaceseeker Nines ease themselves into the flow of life by keeping a low profile, prioritizing harmony and letting others go first.

Type 4 The Romantic Individualist Fours want to be able to express their unique view of the world and want to be their most authentic self.

Type 7 The Entertaining Optimist For Sevens, the world is primarily a place to be enjoyed. They build their lives around the exciting, the stimulating and the entertaining.


You are an easy-going, kind, and accepting person who strives to be in harmony by accommodating and supporting what is essential to others. Your gift for seeing many sides of an issue enables you to mediate differences and bring peace to people around you.

On the other hand, your desire to remain comfortable and “ok” can cause complacency, inactivity, and difficulty making and voicing personal decisions. Your keys to growth include seeing that your opinions, needs and desires are just as valid as anyone else’s, and taking a stand for your own preferences in the present moment.

What Drives You

Driven by core fears of loss and separation from others, you seek to achieve feelings of wholeness, union, inner stability, and peace of mind. You are highly motivated by what you don’t want-- which is conflict, tension, disharmony, disagreement, pressure, discomfort or complications with others. Striving to create a harmonious, stable, peaceful and comfortable environment, you minimize your own needs and try to create and maintain trouble-free relationships.

Core Wiring

You want to be peaceful, relaxed, comfortable and natural; but most importantly, you want to be agreeable and avoid conflict at all costs. You are a nice person and go along to get along. You want harmonious relationships.

You are very receptive and a good listener. You are patient and prefer to take your time in whatever you do. You may have problems with inaction.

Under stress, you may be passive-aggressive, neglectful, unresponsive, and indifferent to the needs of others. At your best, you are steady, kind, accepting, and possessive of the universal connectedness necessary to restore harmony.

TrueSelf Personality Test
What Flavour Are You? I taste like
          Bread.I taste like Bread. I am a staple in almost everyone's diet. Friends like me are a complement to any other friends I get on with almost everyone, remaining mostly in the background, but providing substance when it would otherwise be lacking. What Flavour Are You?
What Video Game Character Are You? I am an Asteroid.I am an Asteroid. I am a drifter. I go where life leads, which makes me usually a very calm and content sort of person. That or thoroughly apathetic. Usually I keep on doing whatever I'm doing, and it takes something special to make me change my mind. What Video Game Character Are You?