7/31/22 7:35PM

AOUUGGHHHHHH okay ive been a bit busy the past few days. first of all, finals! i only took one class, so it wasnt that hard. it was 130 questions long though, so i wanted to walk into traffic. now that it's done im free for the month until classes start again around the end of august, so yay! secondly, genshin! this interest will never go away i fear. i pulled klee though i intended to lose 50/50 to jean..wrong knight of favonius, hoyoverse..it's okay though, i'll build her even if i never use her lol. oomfie is funny, what can i say? i can make a full oomfie team now too so it isn't a total loss. i also finished up my xiao shrine, so go check that out! i put in a lot of love and effort. i love xiao a lot. im very normal. the end of artfight is coming up too, i'm so proud of my improvement since the beginning of july! i wish i had more time though, my trip to hawaii took a lot out of me lol. ill keep working on this site throughout august, things are gonna be great! yesterday i watched the bobs burgers movie with my friends. here's a pic! image host i'm the heizou. noelle is my friend bubba, the playstation dog is my buddy vhs and shiteyanyo is gummy!

7/24/22 12:16AM

My trip in Hawaii is coming to an end. I go home today! Yahoo, yippee! I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed spending time with my parents. I love my parents. I've been thinking a lot about myself and who I am as a person. I plan to legally change my name to Jordan and ask my parents to refer to me as their son when I turn 20. Hopefully I have everything figured out by then and they accept me. I can't imagine being on bad terms with them for long. In lighter news, I finally pulled Ibara's feature scout card in ENGstars today after a whopping 111 pulls! Wow. It's also Hiyori and Heizou's birthdays today. Happy birthday dears! I recently leveled Heizou to 90 on Genshin too! Woooo! I'm gonna start saving for Scaramouche after the current banner ends (I really want Heizou Constellations lol) I'm so excited. I hope the rumors of him being an Anemo melee catalyst are true. I love Anemo characters. Anyways, here's my Heizou build! I finally got his talents to 9/9/9 and leveled his weapon to 90. Anything for you babygirl.

7/17/22 7:13PM

I'm finally at Hawaii! It feels so lonely being in such a wildly different timezone than my friends, but at the very least I'm glad that we can still chat through our discord server. I brought along my moms laptop so I can play Genshin and update my website when I have time. I had some great food so far and even flew in a helicopter! I'm having a lot of fun so far. The only downside is that Genshin started running at two terashits per gigglebyte (AKA, it's running like shit) so that sucks. I'm just having a friend login for me for now.. I have to get my shrines started too, I also want to make a gallery for all my nui photos. I brought my Hiyori Tomoe nui with me and he's having fun, I think. I took a lot of photos over the past two days. He got a little dirty as well. As I type he's hung by the window to dry. He's gonna smell like dish soap lol. Ibara's feature scout was also released today. I did 61 pulls and got nothing except for a few 4 stars and Rinne's Initial. I am so fucking mad. Such is the life of a gacha gamer.

7/17/22 11:29 PM Addendum

Shuffled things around on the site and ended up editing for way long that I had hoped to. well. now what. i guess ill open genshin and do my dailies lol??

7/15/22 2:30AM

Oh my GOD I am so fucking tired. But I'm also really happy and sort of excited! I finished up the homepage and moved the old one to here (these blog posts were the old main page, lol) and added a chatbox! Other than that, I also finished the exam I was dreading, so I'm free of assignments for my vacation with my mom and dad in Hawaii! I had to download Genshin on my moms old work laptop and it runs like dogshit but it's bearable. Broken heart emoji. Uhhh. What else. OH IT'S MY BIRTHDAY I ALMOST FORGOT THAT PART LOL. I can't believe I'm nineteen now! Yippee!!! I got lots of birthday wishes from my dear friends that I love, yay!! I'm also deleting my instagram account soon. I don't rememembermost people from high school anyway, so who cares!! I also finished building Heizou for the most part!

I might keep grinding artifacts anyways, since the next character I'll be pulling for is Scaramouche, and that's ALLLLL the way in 3.1 or 3.2! I really love Heizou. I wish I could [REDACTED][DATA EXPUNGED][DELETED] him. That's all! Goodnight!

7/14/22 5:44PM

I don't know what to put here either, honestly. I started working on this neocities stuff again because I felt really insane about Heizou from Genshin Impact. Look where that landed me. I wanted to talk about how much I like his character and stuff like an insane person but for now I don't wanna do that Lol. What else. Um. Here he is if you don't know Genshin Impact..

Don't say anything mean about him or I'll be VERY sad and you will feel bad for me. yeah. thats right.

i'm also supposed to be packing for a trip right now lol.

and also doing an exam

At this point i should just explode, or perhaps stop procastinating!!! but whatever.

ALSO the about page isnt functional.

i mean, it is. but it lacks any REAL information about me

i just started putting in wiki entries of fictional characters that i relate to.

anyways i got this layout from EGGRAMEN so shoutout to them.

7/13/22 3:11AM

I'll put the old blog post here too. Everything that follows was from the date above

date: 7/13/2022 mood: tiredh music: milgram season 2 trailer extra: my arm fucking hurts

i started working on this site at like 4 am i just grabbed a template lol.

im not sure about the theme just yet, i mean. afterl!fe url and hello charlotte art..im a bit undecided lol

my arm fucking hurts though lol.