1. 🤷🤨🫡🫠🔥🏳️‍🌈♥️🥹🥳😊
  2. 70/100
  3. probably mitski concert
  4. too many to count
  5. do not ignore red flags
  6. surprisingly no, whatever happened happened, better to have experienced joy and loss than no joy at all lol
  7. OK by Wallows
  8. pulled scaramouche in genshin lol
  9. nothing really
  10. making my neocities site!!
  11. i dated someone for the first time in 2 years and it didnt even last a month so im giving up for another two years unless something off the walls batshit insane happens
  12. definitely
  13. my friends
  14. my former friends
  15. new computer
  16. idk. probably a lot
  17. i made an entire page for that
  18. it definitely had its downsides but no not really!
  19. my friends!
  20. yes!! i've never been more confident and happy i think!
  21. hawaii lol
  22. october
  23. minions rise of gru
  24. tek it by cafune
  25. uhh probably whatever the fuck early november was lol
  26. might have to get braces.. also driving and graduating is scary!!
  28. all of them
  29. yes!!
  30. my room because my door handle fell off lol
  31. everything is worth keeping
  32. i love you too