things i accomplished this year
 (in relatively chronological order for the most part)
2023 was a pretty good year (:

made new friends 
met up with some of my friends for the first time
ordered custom bedsheets (#1 spot for fan of verine confirmed)
went grocery shopping by myself
saw cocaine bear in theater with friends and people in the theater laughed at my jokes
read a fuck ton of books (thank you limbus company)
used the printer in my room a lot
made a new OC (and started brainstorming for another ocverse)
went to some concerts (waterparks, mili, late night drive home)
got into d&d
reconnected with an old friend
made another visual novel game
graduated from college with two associate degrees
made various limbus resource websites
drew a lot of art
went to anime expo
participated in a cosplay meetup
went to the philippines (and survived)
got covid (and survived)
tried wine for the first time
started dating someone
designed a plush doll and got it manufactured
made cardboard cutouts
Assembled a bookshelf from walmart by myself
got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spent my first paycheck buying christmas presents for my parents (:
applied to university
bought a 20cm doll from korea through a proxy
bought a lot of clothes for myself
started using instagram more