things i accomplished this year
(in relatively chronological order for the most part)

2022 is coming to a close, and i'm happy with what i achieved this year and how far i've come (:!!!

made new friends
better understanding of how to make vrchat models!
deleted old snapchat account
stopped paying attention to angel numbers (111, 222, 333)
played mamiya (changed trajectory of my life forever)
bpd revelation + taught myself how to cope
reclaimed music that i used to avoid
stopped checking their profile
started reading more warrior cats
forgot what they looked like
went to my first ever concert (MITSKI ♥)
discovered a good, healthy outlet for my emotions
stopped lashing out at my brother in a passive aggressive way
participated in artfight 2022
played lots of new video games
bought a new pc
also bought a monitor
returned something for the first time
1 year since last suicide attempt
made a visual novel!!
3k+ downloads on my visual novel!
started playing valorant
learned css and html!
made a neocities website
dated someone for the first time in 2 years
started playing beat saber more
slowly forcing myself to exercise
developed a weekly routine to keep myself in check
treated myself more often / became a little more selfish
began to buy my own clothes and shoes!!
started going outside more often