Photos from when I went to Alaska

In late December 2022 I went to Fairbanks, Alaska to see the Northern Lights and spend time with family. Here are some photos I took while I was there!

December 29th

I woke up at 12AM to start driving to the Airport. I usually pack my stuff up like, before going to bed. I brought my laptop and Nagisa nuigurumi.

Nagisa secured in my fannypack thing whatever.
Airport outfitttt. I wore thermals under it because my mom told me to.
Plane Ticket [:
Read a bit before boarding
Read a bit while waiting for take-off
First view of Alaska from the plane!!! Nature is so beautiful (1/2)
First view of Alaska from the plane!!! Nature is so beautiful (2/2)
Bundling up. My mom got me a big fucking coat for the cold. I didn't really like it too much but it looked cool so i fucked with it a little bit.
I also got a beanie. It was fuzzy on the inside. I liked it.
One more layer. My hoodie that I initially wore going over it all.
Arrived at the hotel. Kicked snow while parked and unloading our stuff. Fun!
The hotel room. You can see my laptop with Steins;Gate open
My brother messaging me on steam. He stayed home to take care of my grandparents and dogs.
Stomping on snow. Great sensation.

December 30th

Technically this is still the 29th. I'm just going by how my phone added time and date. Anyways, on the 30th I saw the Northern Lights and Santa Claus. Very cool! I've never seen stars until now.

My phone camera sux but I tried to take pics of the stars I saw (':
Arora Boryallis from my shitty iPhone SE camera
More stars..?
Better pics, courtesy of my moms superior phone cam.
At some point I got pretty tired and just wanted to see the stars. My mom's friend took a picture LOL
Blurry pic of me with the northern lights (':
Hotel Breakfast!
Daytime view from my hotel. The sky looked so AI generated to me...
Mom gave me USB heated gloves.
Gloves, but on my hands this time.
They had a little hoodie for the fingers on the gloves.
Santa's barn.
Thumbs up.
Dunno why I look fucked up here..
Thanks mom for taking this one.
Huge fucking santa statue
This wizard-like Santa statue reminded me of my buddy Jakob.
Guy that only plays Mamiya: HOLY SHIT IS THIS A MAMIYA REFERENCE????????
Nagisa at the birth of baby Jesus.
Funny signs.
Fudge!! I loved the cookies n cream one so much YUM
Nagisa with Santa and Wife.
Another thumbs up.
This looked like a roblox world in real life. Sorry
Professional Portrait of me and Nagisa at the Northern Lights (':

December 31st

Last day in Alaska! Went to a cool ice museum and dog sled racing. I also went to a hot springs, it was cold as fuck but the water in the hot springs was super hot and relaxing. I had a lot of fun there especially.

good morning.
this guy was making cups made of ice for the bar
the bar!!
The tour guide dude told us some weddings and proposals were had under this arch. Pretty cool.
It was really dark in here so I had to edit most of the photos I took in here..
For reference, this one is unedited. I wasn't lying when I said it was dark.
Cool gladiator knight guys made from ice.
Christmas tree from ice!
On the way to the dog sled place.
I thought this dog was named Car.

January 1st

Happy New Years!! I spent the day heading back home.

We got to the airport early.. Really empty.
More Steins;Gate.
Bye Alaska (:


I had fun. Uhh. Yeah. Lol