Wallows is one of my favorite bands. I know nothing about the band members or what they do. I just really really like almost all the music they put out. This page is dedicated to my favorite albums and songs and their lyrics. Music makes me really emotional and songs by Wallows always seems to hit me hard where it hurts. Please don't laugh i'll kill myself. Joking. No but actually fr


Nothing Happens

Tell me That It's Over

Spring - EP


Nobody Gets Me (Like You) - Notepad
Virtual Aerobics - Notepad
Dig What You Dug - Notepad
Coastlines - Notepad
Talk Like That - Notepad
Wish Me Luck - Notepad
On Time - Notepad
Quarterback - Notepad
OK - Notepad
Only Friend - Notepad
Treacherous Doctor - Notepad
Sidelines - Notepad
Are You Bored Yet? - Notepad
Scrawny - Notepad
Ice Cold Pool - Notepad
Worlds Apart - Notepad
What You Like - Notepad
Remember When - Notepad
I'm Full - Notepad
Do Not Wait - Notepad
Hard to Believe - Notepad
I Don't Want To Talk - Notepad
Especially You - Notepad
At the End of the Day - Notepad
Marvelous - Notepad
Permanent Price - Notepad
Missing Out - Notepad
Hurts Me - Notepad
That's What I Get - Notepad
Guitar Romantic Search Adventure - Notepad
Ground - Notepad
It's Only Right - Notepad
Let The Sun In - Notepad
These Days - Notepad
1980s Horror Film - Notepad
Pictures of Girls - Notepad
Pleaser - Notepad
Uncomfortable - Notepad
Sun Tan - Notepad
Pulling Leaves Off Trees - Notepad
Underneath the Streetlights in the Winter Outside Your House - Notepad
Drunk on Halloween - Notepad
Trust Fall - Notepad
Just Like a Movie - Notepad
Untitled - Notepad
Untitled - Notepad