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As someone who's both quiet and tends to march to the beat of his own drum, Nagisa feels like he cannot convey his thoughts well to others without an intermediary. He often speaks in an enigmatic manner, inadvertently perturbing others through inadequate communication and delivery at times. For this reason, he prefers to move along with what Ibara tells him to do and abide by his dutiful command, thus creating the distant-dictator-like character he uses during lives. Ibara creates in-depth scripts for Nagisa's use.

Despite acting as an obedient youth who attends to Ibara's willing directive, Nagisa is considerably critical of his provided orders and script, identifying minute logical inconsistencies and patterns through further analysis. In any circumstance that Ibara's strategies are unsatisfactory, Nagisa will not stand idly by, initiating his authority to reject plans and present new possibilities. Once he learned that he can use this persona against Ibara, proceeding to overuse it to the point of Ibara losing patience with him.

Nagisa is purely a kind soul deep down, tried and true, finding conflict undesirable in favor of cooperative sympathy and seeking harmony through amity. As typically contending with his morals, he recognizes the troubling aspects of the idol industry with much disdain. As such, the larger realm of humanity and emotion may elude Nagisa, perplexing him during some instances. But through trial and error, he gains a better comprehension of relationships with every interaction he shares.

Beyond the veils of his persona, he appears curious about many subjects of interest, exhibiting a child-like eagerness to learn and undertake new tasks. Although Nagisa's attention tends to fluctuate, his diligent approach has led to great potential for excelling in various trades. Despite his defined talents and giftedness, Nagisa manifests an uncommon humbleness, verging on subservience. He's always eager to try new things, from simple things like art to extreme things like mountain climbing. However, he is inclined to withdraw from progressing his ambitions or objectives when they seemingly yield no immediate results. This behavior is displayed when Adonis aids Nagisa in finding a misplaced amber stone, after Nagisa quickly gives up in his attempts after time passes with no stone retrieved.

As his abilities proceed beyond his years, Nagisa has attained expertise and prowess that reinforce his position as an esteemed idol, all the while guided by Ibara's careful eye.

Even though he typically behaves reservedly, his colleagues are aware of Nagisa's tendency for lighthearted mischief. As recognized for a particular whimsical affinity with his fellow members of Eden and those closest to him, Nagisa shares a more cheerful nature with his peers. Nagisa's sporadic enthusiasm spurs impulsive actions on his behalf, leading to the dismay of others on occasion.

After being secluded for some years during his childhood, Nagisa still finds himself developing an identity in the world. He finds an obligation in learning to adapt to the subtleties that come with proper manner and common sense, taking interactions with the people around him as opportunities to grow. He was described as unconventional, displaying a highly individualistic, wild behavior. His eccentricity promotes a disposition that may be initially challenging to discern. He also frequently inquires others of appropriate responses to any given situation, showing aspirations to respect the social atmosphere. Tsumugi regarded Nagisa as a somewhat odd but good child. He notes that Nagisa rarely addresses himself, and it's as if he lacks a "self". Recalling his past experiences, Tsumugi remembers Nagisa having difficulty acknowledging ordinary individuals. Exemplifying this behavior, Nagisa often forgot Tsumugi's name at the start of their friendship.

In his second year, Nagisa is visibly bad at speaking. He often says things in casual Japanese, only to correct himself later and say the same thing but in polite (keigo) speech. He also stutters, uses short sentences or has breaks in his speech that are noted by commas in the dialogue. Sometimes he adds onto a sentence after he has already finished speaking, which gives the impression that he may be insecure in what he’s saying. He worries about not being able to read the atmosphere and saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

Due to how distant he feels from humans, he can make others wary of him and has been described as closer in character to one of the Five Oddballs rather than to a member of ''fine''. At his core, however, he does not wish to hurt others and wants to understand them.

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...My name is Nagisa Ran. I work under COSMIC PRODUCTION, and I'm the leader of Eden. Uhm... Please wait a minute. Without a script from Ibara, I'm at such a loss for words, aren't I?

... Let me try it again, I am an idol. One might question why I say it now, but... I want to observe idols closely for the sake of understanding myself. I'm not sure if I'll get to the answer by working with Eden, but I want to continue walking alongside Hiyori-kun, Jun, and Ibara.

HII THIS IS MY SHRINE FOR NAGISA!!! i love my little boy more than you do i dare you i dare you i dare you i dare you i'll suck ur soul from ur eyes and i'll pull ur heart out thru ur toes no one love my boy more than me suffer I seriously love nagisa so much he is so beautiful and i love him. his hair is so pretty and his personality is so endearing, even when he's being petty. his upbringing left him not knowing a lot of things, which makes it so interesting to see him grow and develop, to learn about people and learn to love himself too! his interactions with characters are so nice and interesting, and i think that his likes being interesting people is so endearing! he's drawn to interesting people, he wants to know about people, because he dislikes himself, who he views as devoid of interesting traits, who's able to "do anything." he's so self aware, too! he knows ibara is using him, he isn't a naive child that some think he is due to his upbringing. he's perceptive, he's smart, and he can do anything! he's so uppity about knowing hiyori better, he knows hiyori regrets what they did as ex-fine and takes that into consideration! he's so kind to animals and truly does value his unit members. i love him so much i just want to spoil him with hugs and kisses. him and hiyori are actual soulmates and i love seeing their interactions, especially when hiyori reminisces on the past in exfine.. i truly want him to have the best things in life and i want him to have more 5*'s and stuff!!! i need him. he inspires me to be the best i can be, he comforts me in my darkest times and he is simply perfect. hes incredibly intelligent and talented and can do anything he wishes, but all he wants is to make people smile and to make his loved ones happy! its so admirable and. i just. i love him so much it's unreal. you have no idea. i hope i die

Nagisa you will always be famous to me. I do not give a fuck if people think this is cringy if you think I'm cringy I don't care because 1) I am insane, which makes me infinitely better than you (boring) and 2) Congrats on being ableist, BIGOT! If Nagisa has a million fans, I'm one of them If Nagisa has 5 fans, I'm one of them If Nagisa has 1 fan, that one is me If Nagisa has no fans, I'm no longer alive If the world is against Nagisa I'm against the entire world Till my last breath, I'll support Nagisa. I haven't been into Ensemble Stars as long as other people (I've been into it since around Febuary 2020), hell I wasn't even EdenP at first!! I was MaMP/MadaraP!! But I still branched out and eventually fell in love with Nagisa and his character and his unit. Destiny and Fate aren't real but I think that God made me get into Enstars on purpose. A cruel joke played by by God but also one of his funniest ones. Thanks dude. Anyways the sections on the left will tell you about Nagisa if you aren't already educated on him, courtesy of the English Ensemble Stars Wiki! All images on this site are from Happy Elements too!