I'm really fucking insane about this unit. Sorry. I really really love Eden. I am THE EdenP ever. This is my photocard album of my favorite Eden cards. They're my favorite unit everrrrr. I care for them so so much and their cards are always so good, it was hard choosing my favorites lol.. Nagisa has an entire shrine to himself right now but I plan to make a shrine for all the members eventually!! How wonderful. I love how they've all grown over time too.. I love Eden.

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When Adam and Eve combine, they become Eden, a noble unit that brims with life led by Nagisa Ran. As a group, they're known for how flashy they are; their performances are dramatic, and their fanservice can unify their audience through only their words. When doing work in media, they focus on jobs that utilizes their dazzling looks as a group, which includes being guests on talk programs, acting as commercial campaign personae, working as fashion models, and starring in both movies and theater plays. Their theme color is black.