Code Geass 2006

medium Anime, OVA

genre Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

review lelouch is so real. suzaku slays! i love yaoi 10/10


medium Anime, OVA, Movie

genre comedy

review this shaped my entire personality in middle school

tsukigakirei 2017

medium anime, ova

genre romance, coming of age

review i cry like a little bitch everytime i watch this mid as fuck anime its embarassing

miniamaru kareshi 2018

medium manga

genre romance

review sweetest manga with a yandere4deredere relationship

secret alliance 2019

medium manwha, webtoon

genre romance, drama

review this isn't a romance this is psychological torture

the abandoned empress 2017

medium manwha

genre Drama, Fantasy, Romance

review i fucking hate the ending

ensemble stars 2015

medium anime, movie, mobage

genre idols, music

review this game sucks shit but i love it. tatsuhiyo and eden sweep btw

valorant 2017

medium first-person shooter

genre tactical, action

review it's like cs:go for gay people and also i fucking love killing people.

genshin impact 2020

medium video game

genre Action role-playing

review i don't have a gambling addiction i have autism

mamiya 2017

medium visual novel

genre drama, mystery

review this game made me want to fucking kill myself

hello charlotte 2015

medium rpg maker

genre puzzle, Adventure

review the chemistry of my brain changed forever (not in a good way)(i'm delusional)

Our Life: Beginnings & Always 2019

medium visual novel

genre dating simulator

review this game made me start taking care of myself.