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I modified a stylesheet from EGGRAMEN while making this site and the font I use across my site is called MS Gothic! Most of the backgrounds on my site are by Denis Nigmatullin.


twitter: like4tbh

main tumblr: heavensgate

art tumblr: fakerealm

instagram: ilyverine

steam: reqons

backloggd: reqons

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artfight: reqons

sorry for so many fucking links. not my fault. aside from those, my discord is prince jordan#9838, i'm almost always online so that's probably the best way to contact me. i love making new friends, so feel free to reach out!


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VHSWAREHOUSE Button VHS my friend VHS who introduced me to neocities my dearest friend VHS.
VHSWAREHOUSE Button STELLAURRR m,y friend stella. shes a cat and also my friend named stella.
Vash my friend Vash FUCK YOU VASH woah was that guy bothering you? hi vash my friend vash.

these are some sites that i think are great or inspired me!




  • idolm@ster sidem translations self explanatory, in case you ever want to read sidem stories lol
  • Ushi No Tane A collection of help sites for the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games
  • animedao free subbed anime, mostly ad free depending on what anime you wanna watch.
  • Genshin Impact Links
    • Community Build Guide A good starting point for building characters!
    • Unofficial Map A map of the entire region of Teyvat, useful for chest and resource hunting
    • Daily Check-in Check in daily for resources and materials, including primogems :D
    • SoraHoshina Guides My favorite guide creator, super useful for hidden chests and world quests
    • a wish counter, among other tools. really useful if you care about tracking what pity you got your characters at.
    • genshin optimizer throw some artifacts in and get the best build for your characters based on the stats you want.
    • see what other people are using in spiral abyss
    • genshin build cards. just put your uid in and it'll automatically create a card to show off your build
    • same as above except you just paste in screenshots of your stats.
    • Character Model URLs A collection of officially released models for use in MMD.