• unlabeled ae/aer
  • southeast asian
  • 19 years old (2003)
  • cancer sun, aquarius moon, capricorn rising and more
  • enfj / 549 tritype / type two
  • true chaotic neutral evil

LIKES: the color red and gold, sabritone chips, sour gummy worms, red foxes, spring transitioning to summer, warm weather, citrus flavors, social media, oversharing online

DISLIKES: nihilism, doomers, uninteresting things, cold weather, repetition, petty hateful edgy or brooding individuals, neurotypicals /j

INTERESTS: verine, video games, music, genshin impact, valorant, yanderes, visual novels, RPGMakers, otome, astrology, drawing

hello there. my name is jordan, and welcome to my little corner of the internet..i'm not very good at talking about myself all that much. please refer to the quizzes in the bonus section. those do a better job at describing my personality than whatever nonsense i'm about to say here. i stay inside all day and play on my computer or talk to friends while playing on computer. i'm also a college student right now, studying to get an associates in business administration. quite the humble life.

i was assigned morally grey at birth. i'm iron deficient. currently on 18mg of methylphenidate. located at 52°01'04.9"N 8°29'17.4"W. my spare key is under the doormat. part of the 10% tax bracket. Level 5 Slime that drops 30 Gold. i had a broken ankle (recovered). my last name is Jones (previously Davis). i am conventionally attractive. my driver's license ID is 737927323. currently vacationing in another country Feb. 13-Feb. 21. 5'11" / 180cm. born in Chicago, Illinois. taken by sinclair. all of that information is integral to understanding me as a person, and definitely true. i would never joke or fuck around. im so serious.

i am a pretty easy person to get along with, albeit a bit quiet at first. i don't usually initiate conversations first because i'm just..bad at talking to people i think. i'm only good at talking about things that interest me. i do my best when sitting in comfortable silence in a group or playing video games with friends. i am not socially inept i am so normal and well adjusted.

I've a number of interests, and almost all of them revolve around consuming media, like I mentioned earlier. I literally have no other hobbies or interests outside of whatever I'm currently focused on playing or doing. Also I don't watch many movies or shows or anime, watching things is difficult for me. All I really do is hangout with my friends and play video games.

Speaking of friends and friend groups, I love my friends a lot! If you are my friend and also reading this, I love you so fucking much. I sent you a burger in the mail today. Please respond. Heart emoji.

In my free time away from my computer I like to listen to music and nap. Sometimes I get on my (electronic) bike and go to the park. I find a sunny but slightly shaded part of the park to lay down and take a nap. I do not care if it is dangerous. I do not care for my safety and well-being. If I die then I die.

i have a pretty unstable sense of self due to mental illness so if i seem all over the place i sincerely apologize, it isn't my intention to seriously confuse or frustrate! I've been described as very eccentric, silly, and kind of crazy. Contrary to those descriptions, I'm a quiet person and prefer to be a social lurker in groups unless I'm really engaged in a conversation or game. my way of typing and speaking can also be considered eccentric or funny so i apologize if i seem very unserious (or too serious!) at times. I can be really aggressive but that's because if I show weakness then I will die in real.

In more serious terms I've been told I'm very patient and understanding, sometimes way too empathetic for my own good to the point I upset people! I value social harmony a lot so I struggle with that as well. If my friends are not happy I will kill myself so that they are. However don't mistake this as me being a doormat if i fucking hate you or you piss me off i will fucking kill you. NOT ACTUALLY. I'll either tell you straight up or just ignore you and eventually ghost you lololololol..

tl;dr im a really normal guy. try not to look too deeply into it.

lets get to the fun stuff now. the stuff that really matters.

i take so many personality quizzes. its like an addiction. i love when quizzes define me and put me into little boxes. here are my results from like every quiz ive ever fucking taken ever.

here's what i like to call THE JORDAN GALLERY. these images are very JORDANcore, or JORDANcoded. that is to say these pictures are 'just like me fr' if you will. Click here for a full-sized view of them allhave fun.

in a similar vein, i use many-a reaction image. this is different from jordancore images, trust me. I have difficulty expressing how I feel when I am very emotional. Images help me out with that. Warning for blood and violence sometimes LOL. Click here for a full-sized view of them all

sometimes a persons preference in the characters they like can say a lot about them. I have consumed many medias (no I haven't) and have amassed a collection of characters that I have deemed as my favorites. If you get mad at me then I'll walk into traffic and film it. Thx