3/1/23 3:34AM NO ENTRY FOR ENTIRE MONTH. HUNDREDS DEAD AND GONE. as for me? ITS FUCKING OVER FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK BAIZHU IS FUCKING REAL IM THROWING UP FUCKING EVERYWHEREEEEEEEEE. i need primos. so bad. i didnt log it but i did some insane shit to TRY and get to 30 hours. aka i set up an afk stream. it worked. i just gotta actually pull it off this time LOL i sleep for like 10 hours a day but my computer was so noisy so when i tried i didnt actually get any sleep ): anyways yeah. ANYWAYS. THAT ARCHON QUEST HUH. THATS SO FUCKED MAN. FUCK. CARIBERT. THAT KID JUST STRAIGHT UP FUCKING KILLED HIMSELF HUH. WHY. I still gotta do alhaithams story quest IMS RORRY IMS ORRY IM SORRY IDGAF ABOUT MR YAOI. illd o it eventually. for kaveh. i love cunty blonde bitches. im so fucked ITS OVER. THE LEAKS. NEW AREA. YOU HAVE TO BE SHITTING MEEEEEE FUCKKKKK I NEEED TO 100% THE RECENT AREA RIGHT FUCKING NOW OR ILL BE SO BEHIND. im such a no life i think i need a job or something. but if i get a job i cant play genshin. quite the predicament. anyways yeah theres my update. im gonan get baizhu or i kill myself

1/19/23 4:38PM writing this as i just finished a stream. long time no entry! i was busy and preoccupied. looking forward to lantern rite and exploring the new area hehehe. every region has a butthole huh. kind of funny. i rolled a bit on xiaos rerun and didn't really get much.. it's okay though (: the stream rewards can reach a limit of 30 hours so i wanna try streaming for an hour or so each day at least. i need those primos bro. mika leaks came out. hes so ugly. he has three weapons. why. hes so fucking ugly i want him on my roster NOWWWW. just kidding. idk if i even want him. maybe ill get lucky and get him in 3.6 when baizhu comes out haha. also wow that new world quest huh. it has racism, homophobia, and now misogyny. of course, i havent finished it yet. i didnt even start it. i watched my friend play through some of it. wow. i hope paimon has a character arc where she unlearns her racist views by being exposed to the other small floating companion that's somehow more racist and misogynistic than she is. crazy. scaramouche is my best built character right now so im probably gonna just get my other characters up to 80 in the mean time. once im through with that im gonna maybe go back to artifact farming. i dont wanna go back to the mines.. i wanna level characters... wehhhhhh.

12/7/22 3:03AM Ohhh my god. That archon interlude quest. Fuckkkk. It was so good. I might throw up. I instantly maxed Wanderer out. I named him Scaradouche btw. Sorry for deadnaming, not my fault (Heart Emoji.). First day of artifact grinding went so well that i just. stopped. also, I made a slight miscalculation with my talent books so I used some extra fragile resin on that. I'm really really happy fuckkkkk. He's so fun to play I love playing Wanderer FUCKK. The fact that he erased himself from everyone's memories except for Nahida and traveler is so. Ohhhh. He's just like me. He's just like me for real. (THROWS UP). Anyways, here's my build. Peep the horror.

12/6/22 11:14PM Today was the best day of my life. My brain is still rotting. I am so fucking happy. I need to kill myself.

12/3/22 8:59PM i'm seriously about to fucking kill myself


11/21/22 11:34PM Soon.

11/19/2022 1:21AM Typing this up as I just finish streaming. Got my six hours in, it's uncanny how easy it is. I mostly just did abyss and then the fungi event. Really fucking easy. I stopped using my mic halfway through because i was lazy and wanted it done and over with. I rolled on Childe's banner today and got Heizou to C3. I'm so fucking mad he was on Childe/Yae Miko rerun and not scaramouche's. what if i died? what then? bitch. i'm almost done prefarming btw. i just need the weapon ascension materials for his signature wep. why are weapon ascension materials so much easier to farm for than talent books? i already got all the 4 star rarities.. not too mad though. i'm so excited for december, its so soon and i feel so autistic!!!! WEHHHH!!!!

11/11/2022 11:50PM life outside of genshin kicking my ass so hard but it's okay because i've been busting my ass farming for scaramouche (not really but i've been trying). i'm soooo fucking excitedhis kit looks fun his idles look so cunty and good lird i'm excited for the voicelines and story and his character quest i might throw up and die I'M SO EXCITED FOR DECEMBER I NEED NOVEMBER TO PASS NEOWWWWWWWWW i mostly just need handguards and talent books and that'll be it for his ascension and talents. i'm gonna get his signature weapon too but i'm not suuuper concerned about that right now so i'm taking my sweet time. the new event is fun too i'm saving the battle part for the last moments though because i wanna knock them all out in one go. my brain is so scarapilled right now sorry i feel so fuckin crazy and so so excited like WAOOOOOW HE'S FINALLY PLAYABLE I'VE BEEN WAITING TWO FUCKIGN YEARS FOR THIS AND IT PAID OFF GOOD LIRD i've been listening to his boss theme a lot too i need it on spotify soooooooooo bad like brooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it's okay i'm normal as fuck about this game so it doesn't even matter. i gotta get on the stream grind tho i only have like 3 hours in and idk if most of it counted so LMFAO i'll probably just stream the hangout events and fishing. godspeed to future jordan. prob gonna get it done on the weekend and listen to classical music or some shit SMILE

11/1/2022 2:53AM I liked the new archon quest (: it was so fun to do and scaramouche is my everything ever i'll seriously start throwing up like omggg ^_^ also dottore. SEX. NEOWWWW. joking of course. but i want him sooo bad you have noo idea. holy shit those lore drops too like omg omg omg. THE IMPLICATIONN. i still..dont really care about nahida but she's funny i guess. didn't do her story quest yet idgaf but i gotta do it soon for the boss domain i think. i miss scaramouche. where is he. he's just like me for real. im so excited to see childe too T_T

10/31/2022 3:43AM Hey guys what's up

10/23/2022 1:38PM WOOOO THAT STREAM HUH!! I am so excited for Scaramouche I just threw up all over my desk and there's blood on the walls and my telekinesis threw everything across the room. Before the stream started I also maxxed out the tree of dreams and statue of seven after 100%ing the areas. I'm SO cracked. Also holy FUCK all those leaks that dropped the morning after??? My goodness?? I really don't care though. Only some of it pertains to Scaramouche, so... Lol. I am so so so excited i fucking love gambling!!! I made a picture for the new Scaramouche materials. Peep the horror!

10/21/2022 7:21PM yesterday i finally got a desert area to 100%. land of lower setekh. gosh, i really hate all these underground puzzle areas. my brain is way too small for this stuff, god bless to the people that make video guides on this cuz i owe you my life. i also received my 3.0 streaming rewards. i guess i just..didnt get an email? it's okay. i'm only a Little bit mad (: i got my primogems and that's what matters really. there's always next patch to stream. and speaking of next patch, 3.2 livestream date was confirmed and so were the banners. i feel soo sick with excitement. like ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god. im so normal rn. im so excited. (starts bashing my head into a wall) also yae miko and cheld rerun. its nice having another whole patch to save again. i WILL get scara and his weapon. also i built collei, peep the horror. i might retry abyss soon with her since i used a childe bloom team.

10/17/2022 1:12PM Last night I finally hit Adventure Rank 60. I am gods strongest lore player. I was planning a funny video where I slowly walk up to an Unusual Hilichurl with Heizou, one-punch it, and then walk away but that's not what happened. I did that on stream for my friends and it turned out I was ONE point away from 60. I had to run back to a precious chest I left behind to level up. Kind of funny to be honest. I'm building Collei now, probably as a support. I'll start with leveling her up and bringing her talents up, which means its farming time!! I've also been getting back into The Zone for exploration which is awesome. 3.3 Beta applciations closed yesterday and that means Scaramouche leaks are soon. I feel sick with excitement. Wehhhhhh. I'm sooo excited FUCKkkkkkk.

10/16/2022 2:14PM i folded i folded i folded i folded i folded i folded i folded i folded i folded i folded i rolled for albedo after getting prodded by a friend! and it turned out in the best way possible! I am now a C4 Jean haver!!! I am sooo happy, I've been wanting C4 Jean for the longest time and now I finally have her like!! YAY!!! My friends and I got on co-op and we all went to Albedo's lab. We changed to Kaeya, Klee, Sucrose, and one of my friends had Albedo. I pulled and got Jean at 87 pity.. That's the closest to 90 I've been till I got a five star which is..woagh. BUT NOW I HAVE GUARANTEED SCARAMOUCHE! I AM SOOO HAPPY! YAYHOO, YIPEE!!! Here's a video of my pull. Heed the warning.

Volume Warning. pic.twitter.com/BjsYsFey7D

— his royal ukeness Lelouch Vi Britannia (@like4tbh) October 16, 2022

10/14/2022 4:38PM Albedoooo ALBEDOOOOOOO 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 i wish all 3.1 albedo havers a very EXPLODE!!! EXPLODE AND DIE AND EPXLODE AND ALSO DIE!! Not really. But fuckkkk I'm so mad. I did one roll and got black tassel so that I have my pity at an even number. I haven't really been exploring too much, I really hate all the underground areas in the desert. It requires me to use my brain which i HATE. also omg the ufotable anime leaks are crazyyy. like wdym its gonna cover the archon war era and depict the fall of khaenriah. ill seriously cry. wehwehwewhewehwewhewheweh. WHAT IF WE GET XIAO LORE. I'LL BE LIKE SQUEEEEEEEE ^_^.

10/9/2022 1:15AM Finally got around to finishing Cyno's story quest. It was okay I think. I really like his english voice but i cant stop thinking about how he voiced an aphmau character like holy shit thats so fucking funny to me. "doesnt scaramouches eng va voice a carebear" yes and thats hilarious as fuck too i dont care. wjatever. anyways the cutscene for cyno's story quest was kind of mid. suffocating in sand seems like a painful way to go like holy shit the thought grosses me out and makes me SO claustrophobic. also i found out my pity is at 59 and the odd number pisses me off because i like when my pity ends with a 0 or a 5 but im too scared to do a ten pull so im just seething rn. i love the scorpion enemies. i like when they sleep and i can just walk past them. sooooo mipy.

10/5/2022 9:52PM I don't think I'm getting my stream primogems..wehh. I guess I streamed for nothing. I mean, I had fun while streaming but I only really did it for the primogems, you know? Maybe I'll actually get the primos in the mail but until then I'll be exploring. I really really hate the underground sections, it's so confusing sometimes.. I am having fun though! The Weinslessefest was fun too, the cutscene was really nice and Noelle is really mipy. Sucrose too. And Diona. And Fischl. And Mona. And Klee. Can you tell that I just really like genshin? Layla is sooo cute, and with Tartaglia reruns imminent I feel sick with excitement. Scaramouche takes priority, though. I already have Childe and don't really want Nahida or Yae so!! Aheehee.. I've felt a liittle burnt out of genshin but when I remember Scaramouche I remember why I like this game so much. Seriously. I might make a shrine for Scaramouche when he comes out, I really really like him!

9/29/2022 5:10PM I got peer pressured (not really) into doing pullies on Cyno's banner. I did four ten pulls and got all the featured four stars. I didn't already have Candace or Shinobu so this is kind of a win. I also got C2 Sayu. Yay!! It's just building pity bro dont even worry about it. I stopped at the most optimal time anyways and there's gonna be so many primogems in this patch so like. Teehee >_< . Also holy fuck those Scaramouche boss leaks. I feel nauseous. What's his issue. Everyone was like "OMG IT'S LIKE THE HERRSCHER OF VOID" but MY first thought was "OMG GILGAMESH FROM FATE" so like. Yeah. Layla looks cute. Nahida's burst is kind of fucking crazy too. Not pulling for either of them though. I hope Tartaglia gets a rerun, I am praying soo hard. I'm not even gonna roll on it I'm praying for my friends. We will ALL be Tartaglia havers!! Alhaitham is autistic, and it's so lovely to see all my twitter mutuals agreeing with me on that. God bless.

9/28/2022 1:23AM Thought about Scaramouche so much today I got nauseous. I finished the Archon Quest and ohhhhhhhhhhh my god I am so excited for this storyline. I've been waiting for this for almost two years and the payoff was so fucking worth it. scaramouche oh my god oh my fucking god i feel sick theres blood everywhere telekinesis threw everything across the room i threw up shaking quivering wailing screamingggggggggggggggg. waughhhhhhhhhh. i feel so. oh my fucking god. its 1am ill refine my thoughts later but scaramouche was the highlight for me. oh my god. i feel so sick. i also kind of want cyno. his eng voiceover is kinda...you know. cyno and albedo are foul temptresses taunting me to take a bite of the forbidden apple but i will NOT give in to the temptation of sin. i will stay strong. for scaramouche. im dying. i wanna buy another welkin but i only have $9.99 right now so i'll wait.. i also got C2 Keqing on standard banner. whatever i guess. time to 100% the desert!!

9/17/2022 5:06PM I DID IT. I GOT SUMERU TO 100% EXPLORATION, JUST IN TIME FOR 3.1. I am also at level 20 in the Tree of Dreams, did you know it locks you out of the further levels EVEN IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH TO LEVEL UP? I helped all the Aranara, too. I really really enjoyed the Aranara questline, as tedious and as long as it is! I love lore. I love it. I'm so happy I was able to 100% everything before 3.1, because MAN i am seriously SO excited for the next update. Not too happy about Albedo rerunning before Scaramouche, I'll have to skip him /: I'm on 50/50 and what if I win the coinflip?? Then I'll have to win coinflip on Scara OR get 180 wishes!!!!!! At this point I plan to roll for Scaramouche And his signature weapon to make up for it. I'm so fucking sorry Albedo maybe next year I'll roll for you. Anyways, back to the important stuff. SCARAMOUCHE. SCARAAAAAAAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUCCCHHEEEEEEE. OH MY FUCKING GOD. I AM SO EXCITED. AND DOTTORE TOO? I'M WINNING. I AM WINNING SO HARD. THE WAY DOTTORE WALKS IN LIKE HE'S ABOUT TO SHOUT UNO WITH 50 CARDS UP HIS ASS. SCARAMOUCHE BOSS FIGHT TEASER. I FEEL LIKE I'VE BEEN SHOT SEVERAL TIMES IN THE CHEST. I'm also looking forward to the ufotable anime series, it look's really stunning so far. I hope it looks into the twins' lore and isn't just a retelling animation of the ingame story. While I wouldn't be opposed to that, I hope we just get..lore. Does that make sense? Whatever. I'm really excited to explore more.. Aheehee

9/4/2022 7:01PM I've been taking it easy for the past few days. but i did 100% another area, Ardravi Valley. Only a few more left. I hope I can 100% the current areas before the end of the month.. Areas with underground areas are a little annoying to navigate. ive been grinding artifacts in the new domain as well, my traveler build is coming along well, i have two really cracked feather pieces already. the next banner leaks/speculations from saveyourprimos is making me want to die. i dunno...scaramouche and baizhu being back to back is so so scaryy. i'm also so excited for scaramouche lore that it's making me nauseous. i think about genshin impact so much i get sick, and then i have to detox with another game. hahahaa. i feel insane sorry lol. things are going well though, i will get scaramouche and baizhu and albedo. i have everyone i want. manifesting (praying pepe emoji).

9/2/2022 2:44AM I just finished streaming for four hours, bringing my total stream time to 9 hours! Safe to say I'm good on my hours quota for the Twitch Streamer program. Also, I collected ALL (yes ALL) the available dendroculus today. All 110! And I reached 100 wishes! I am so tired. I am so happy too. I have around 450+ dendro sigils, but I havent deposited any of them yet. I'm waiting until I 100% all the areas to do that. I love exploring Sumeru and getting 100% completion. I was never one for completionism but yknow how it goes when you're insane and not normal. I had fun streaming, but my throat hurts now. I dunno if I wanna go for the 12 hour streaming reward honestly, I feel like I'm really bad at talking to my audience..Also I only stream at night so that I don't get interrupted by my family lol.. I can't believe 3.1 is at the end of the month already..I'm so excited for Scaramouche HEHEHEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

9/1/2022 3:00AM SCORPIONS ARE GETTING ADDED LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOO I LOVE YOU SCORPION I CANT WAIT TO KILL YOU TO DEATH (in a friend way heart emoji) the new creatures look awesome so far im so excited. i also 100%'ed avidya forest todayy so that only leaves like 4 areas left. i'm having a lot of fun but i keep forgetting to stream on twitch to get my hours in LOL. i did get twitch drops from watching a friend though! so that was awesome

8/30/2022 4:13PM i've been waiting so eagerly for ambr.top or projectcelestia to update their world quest archives. i really want to reread some dialogue from the aranara quest sooo badly. i finished the aranara questline a day or so ago at 5AM and while i do have my complaints. i did genuinely like it for the most part! we got so much lore on the abyss sibling (everytime i saw 'nara varuna' i felt like bashing my skull into my desk as hard as possible. these little rainforest pikmin gave us more information on the abyss sibling than the four archons we met so far and dainsleif combined like are you fucking serious? another thing i thought sucks balls was that they somehow have a snese of fucking racism. YOU ARE LITTLE RAINFOREST SPIRITS. HOW ARE YOU RACIST. for those that skipped the dialogue or didnt catch it, the traveler is forced to call some eremites weird in a quest and the aranara is like UGH EW i dont like those SAND GRAINS (referring to the eremite people) LIKE WHATTTTTTT??? HELLOOOOOOO??? i get they wanted to show that the desert and rainforest are different BUT ITS SOOOO FUCKING UNCESSARY AND WEIRD especially since theyre assumedly generalizing the eremites to all be bad like 😭 YOU ARE NATURE SPIRIT THINGS. HOW ARE YOU RACIST. SURELY THERES A BETTER WAY TO EXPLAIN IT. other than that part i enjoyed the quest and the animated cutscene! the music during the final boss fight slapped so hard. i played it through at like 5AM and that music woke me up like HEY...HELLO? The ending is incredibly sweet and we get to witness the moment rana gets a dendro vision. this moment also debunks the theory that vision holders "customize" their vision casings because it just spawns in with a casing on! or maybe hoyoverse is lazy!! WHO KNOWS!!! also, the part where you MOVE THE GIANT RUIN GUARD WAS SOOOO COOL. There was also notes from Zandik (person that people theorize to be il dottore because Zandik apparently means heretic which is how dottore is referred to. also zandik covered up the death of someone after his ruin guard strangled them. kind of nuts) and a little bit of khaenriah lore. awesome! i love lore! i'm fucking crazy!

onto the archon quest. i liked it i guess. i have some complaints but overall i like how it all played out. the fake timeloop was very clever, so bravo vince. alhaitham and tighnari are autistic as fuck. collei so mipy. i think nilou and dehya are gay. the bird imagery whatever with nahida is also. Hmmmm.! i feel like it's gonna be revealed they sealed her up somewhere in a literal birdcage with how they dont want people to care about her bc she Does seem to care about her people the akademiya probably just got her thinking shes useless or something. I hope she explodes them somehow because damn theyre kind of insane as fuck and need to be humbled. onto my complaints!i talked about this with a friend but so i'm mostly paraphrasing our conversation. so it's like, a given everyone in sumeru is a person of color one way or another. the oppression that theyre shooting for is very..weird. and i havent seen anyone really..talk about it?? the archon quest tries to frame the eremites in a bad light at first but then you learn wtf the akademiya is doing and it's like. maybe the eremites are onto something when they say you guys suck. its clear that the akademiya doesnt allow eremites access to as much knowledge from the akasha and the whole dream harvesting thing and with how dehya is introduced to us (eremite merc serving a pale noble/richgirl/whatever) its very..weird. the eremites are meant to be looked down on but genshin is also so . so weird in trying to make it nuanced. genshin tries to portray both sides as bad and later will be like OMG GUYS, THE EREMITES WERE IN THE RIGHT THE WHOLE TIME!!! when it's already pretty obvious that they are... like they have more evidence to prove the akademiya is terrible than the akademiya does to prove they're wrong about the scarlet king. and also just the akademiya withholding information from people and covering up scandals (see: zandik notes. ill get to this later too!). and also again, the dream harvesting thing is super fucked up. like the akademiya is very much the bad guy here. aside from all that, back to more quest talk.

i also did tighnaris story quest. i didn't care about him before it. now i think he's a little bit..shmoopey (that means i like him btw.) i loved the mechanical crab so much. the fact tighnari didn't side with the akademiya is SO based of him. his english voice actor is so good and super funny too. did you know his eng va is a literal who by the way. like he has 3 roles total, one of them being tighnari. talk about a career kickstart! but yeah i like tighnari a bit. definitely not a favorite but he is funny and if i lost my 50/50 to him i wouldn't complain.

with story stuff now out of the way, i'm focusing on 100% exploration of sumeru! yay! i already got Old Varanara to 100%. there's like 5 chests there, it's super easy. Next I'll probably do the avidya forest. i'm so mad the little cuck boxes and stone things count for exploration now. atleast the remarkable chests give primos now.. that's all for this entry. i like sumeru so far. i'm excited for scaramouche (:

8/30/2022 4:31AM i spent over four hours making this page if you steal any of this shit im gonna rip your eyes from your skull and torture you without mercy. anyways hi. this is a filler thing. i like genshin. can you tell that im normal about this game. lol. image test

There's more dummy entries to enable scrolling. I cant get the scrollbar to show up and also i dont wanna go datamining for the genshin scrollbar LOL. I did this instead of doing my homework btw im so normal and well adjusted (shits and dies)

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