Save for characters
3.5 Stream event (0/30)
Build Dendro Traveler DPS
Achievement Hunting (684/???)
Hit Adeventure Rank 60


Current Savings:
60 wishes + 40 pity + Guaranteed
C6 Xiao
C4 Jean

I don't roll on weapon banner bc i think it's a scam but if I did..
Tullaytullah's Remembrance
Polar Star
Staff of Homa
Engulfing Lightning
R5 Jade Winged-Spear

Teyvat Travel Log

Welcome to my Genshin Log. Not leak + spoiler free. Think of this as a separate journal, specifically for Genshin Impact. I'm very annoying about this game. I started playing on October 17, 2020, which was during 1.0.. I've been here for a long time.. I've been playing almost everyday since then! And no, I don't get bored with the game somehow so don't ask me. Yes I am insane. This game means so much to me, but also I'm really critical of it to the point it's annoying. Anyways yeah I'm crazy as fuck sorry didn't mean it

UID 611180395

feel free to add me but give me a heads-up first ^^" if i dont recognize you i might decline


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Adventure Rank60

Adventure EXP69420

World Level8