6/29/23 4:04AM it's alive

6/23/23 4:08AM i was struck by inspiration and wrote 1.7k words for a short limbus company fan game. yayyy!

2/27/23 12:53AM it's alive.

my friends gave me valuable feedback and im so so grateful T_T i hope everyone likes it heaheaheaehaehaheaha

2/26/23 5:14AM drew a little thing for the game and set up the itchio page!! ahhhhh the day of reckoning is soon oh fuck!!! heres a little banner i made for it (: also holy FUCK its 5am OOPS i got absorbed in drawing hahahahaah

you know what heres the main menu too LOL

2/25/23 1:54AM soooo excited to finish this project up, i really like how it's coming along. just waiting on my friend to compose one more track and then it's upload time!! in the mean time im just fixing some grammar and consistency stuff. i finished addin all the sound effects hehahahehaehaheaeha. FUCK im excited FUCKKK AUUGH.

2/22/23 1:12AM it took about 4 hours of on and off working but i finished making the sprites and adding it to the game!! soo excited, im in the home stretch now!! sneakpeek

2/21/23 2:36AM I'm really happy with the shading on the sprites, i tried something a bit different. it's really subtle but i like it a lot hahah

2/19/23 1:57AM IM SO HAPPY WITH HOW THINGS ARE COMING ALONG FOR REAL.. coding makes me want to die but i figured stuff out eventually im so happy. starting work on sprites.. IM MAKING THIS HAPPEN BABEY!!! REAL AND TRUE!!! maybe ill draw CGs too who knows..

2/18/23 3:27AM using figma to make the gui im learning so much. ive slammed my head into the wall atleast several times trying to make the sliders look good. im really happy with how it's coming along though haha. had my friend proofread for me too and she liked it ahhhhh (shits and dies, there's a little bit of pre too)

2/17/23 2:34AM been so distracted recently...im basically in the final stretch though RAHHHH

2/15/23 12:13AMim hopeing so hard that i can make this in time for the game jam.. two endings left to write and then i gotta make the backgrounds and draw sprites. not including bug testing and having it proofread by friends...wahhhhh!!!! AND IM SO BUSY WITH SCHOOL WAHHHHH.. not really but its hard to be motivated whewhewhehehjbjhfbjgdkjfg.