You've never believed in home. But some people want to belong.

They want a home that will always be a home.

E.G.O A Place of No Stars
color Ghostly Beige #ebd1b8
weapon Scourge
sin affinity sloth + envy + wrath
age twenty-six
birthday december 12
gender ???
pronouns he/they/it
sexuality bisexual
temperament phlegmatic
enneagram type 5 (5w6)
morals true neutral
mbti entp
keywords free-spirited, procastinator, slacker, spectator, insightful, independent, content with position in life, isolated, patient, enigmatic, patient, wise, humorous, eccentric

While this sinner may be able to provide helpful insight from time to time, assigning laborous tasks may prove difficult if you aren't keeping an eye on him. It's advised to give him simple, easy to follow instructions unless you wish to hear complaints from fellow sinners about how he pushed more arduous tasks onto them. Despite this, he may provide an unseen perspective that you had yet to explore. Should you see this sinner muttering or conversating to himself it's best to leave him be for the moment unless necessary.

Tree was originally a Weaver from the Index until a prescript led him to joining Limbus Company. Unfortunately he isn't used to doing more than managing looms of fate so everyone thinks he's a little bit weird, especially when he just starts talking to the air.


Tree is a complex individual whose experiences and strange view on life have made him come across as an eccentric character. His laid-back and easy-going nature hides a deeper, more analytical mind, as he is often content to sit back and observe others before taking action. His augmentations have heightened his senses, making him extremely alert and aware of his surroundings, as well as being more aware of the ghosts that gather around him. The constant presence of ghosts has desensitized him to their remarks, but he still struggles with wholly ignoring them. He even chats with the more amicable ones when he feels like it!

As a sinner in LCB, Tree is not one to be easily motivated or coerced into action, preferring instead to take a more passive role. He is patient, but this patience has its limits, especially if someone crosses a line. When he does get angry, it is explosive and uncharacteristically cold and bitter.

Tree has a unique insight into human behavior due to his interactions with a wide range of people (and spirits), and he can read people well. However, he is often content to keep his insights to himself, only acting on them when necessary or asked to. Despite his reluctance to engage in strenuous activities, he does try to push others to test their limits and see how they will fare. Definitely not because he's a slacker or lazy. Due to his difficult past, especially from before he became a Weaver, he is paranoid. This isn't helped by the spirits surrounding him constantly being pessimistic and brooding. However, as he grows closer to others and learns to trust again, he becomes more helpful in his own way, whether it be lending an ear or offering advice.


Tree has tanned skin and long blonde hair that he usually keeps tied in a braid. He rarely has it out of a braid. His eyes are heterochromatic (gold-red) but aren't anything special. The ears on his head are body augmentations he got to be more aware of his surroundings and are sensitive to noise. His ears cannot feel much beyond the base of the ears. Furthermore, the darkened claws on his hands are a result of partial E.G.O manifestation and assists in melee and hand-to-hand combat. Due to it being an incomplete manifestation, he later sought another body augmentation to further enhance his E.G.O with metal and steel instead of fully manifesting his full potential.

His work uniform forgoes the leather jacket, claiming that it weighs him down. He instead wears a white dress shirt with his ID clipped to his right breastpocket as well as the usual uniform pants and shoes.


DANTE Dante often struggles to coax Tree into taking action due to the sinner's lazy nature, often receiving a dismissive nod or a sarcastic quip before pushing the work onto someone else. During combat encounters Tree usually hangs around the backlines with Dante, occasionally providing surprising insights and suggesting strange but effective strategies. As Tree warms up and learns to trust the manager he slowly makes his way closer to the frontline.

Yi Sang The two are on a similar wavelength, Yi Sang's ruminations bouncing off of Tree's remarks easily and the two are able to enjoy a comfortable silence together.

Faust Half-hearted and one-sided banter bounces between the two, mostly from Tree's side. While Faust is content to not offer any input unless asked, Tree leans more towards being helpful and nurturing others. Despite this, the two agree on a few principles, like letting people experience things for themselves and growing from that.

Don Quixote While he can appreciate her passionate nature, Don's antics can be grating to Tree due to his stance as an observer and Don's righteous and meddlesome tendency. However Tree can use this to his advantage, spinning his words to appeal to her sense of justice and oftentimes pushing hard work onto her instead of doing things himself.

Ryoshu While they don't butt heads often, Tree isn't too fond of her violent nature and is unnerved by her gruesome way of dealing with opponents. Despite this, he easily takes apart the acronyms in her speech and understands them with ease. Over time, Tree grows to appreciate her point of view and can even enjoy her descriptive stories.

Meursault autism to autism communnication

Hong Lu Tree is happy to teach Hong Lu about things he isn't aware of and passes no judgement when Hong Lu says something that the others may consider insensitive. Much to his dismay however, Tree just can't manage to push his work onto Hong Lu as easily as he can with Don Quixote or Sinclair.

Heathcliff Tree isn't immune to having his head bashed in due to a sarcastic quip reaching Heathcliff's ears. Oftentimes they exchange banter, whether or not it's all in good fun or not is a mystery. Despite this, there are rare times that Tree's words can reach Heathcliff and talk him down from immediately taking emotionally-charged action.

Ishmael Tree always pesters Ishmael for stories from the sea, incredibly interested in her experience aboard the ship. The two of them get along just fine for the most part, although Ishmael often laments the others laziness.

Rodion This is definitely who Tree gets along with best, the two sharing a fondness for gambling and having similarly laid-back natures. Oftentimes they both dote on Sinclair and tease Gregor together. Tree is greatly interested by Rodion's experiences, finding her outlook and perspective similarly adjacent to his own.

Sinclair Sinclair is another poor victim of Tree's schemes to offloading work onto others, a conversation with Tree somehow ending with him doing his chores for him or fighting in his stead. Tree tends to justify himself by saying he just wants Sinclair to grow stronger and face battles head-on instead of cowering in the backlines with him. Aside from that, Sinclair enjoys Tree's company and often asks him for his insight and opinions on things.

Outis It isn't uncommon to see Outis scolding Tree for his schemes. While they get along fine in combat, strategies and tactics synergizing greatly, on Mephistopheles Outis critiscizes his laziness and always picks out something that he could improve upon. Tree pays her no mind however, and simply listens to her talk with the occasional eye-roll.

Gregor The two sinners get along amicably well, conversation flowing easily between the two. Banter is light-hearted as well, Tree frequently trying to get Gregor to do his tasks and Gregor shooting back with a witty remark.

Vergilius Knowing what Vergil is capable of, Tree tries to avoid his scathing gaze. He follows the important instructions and commands to a T while slacking off on everything else. While Vergilius can see through Tree's antics he can't be assed to tell Tree to cut it out, instead telling Dante to get him under control instead.

Charon While it is partially in hopes of a smoother bus ride, Tree does genuinely care about her to a degree. He enables her eccentricites and makes up interesting things to entertain her, much to Vergilius' dismay (though he doesn't stop him).

Diana Tree resents her and has a strained relationship with her. Has no wish to reconcile. Probably the only person he would be openly hostile towards.

Micah Very close and mourned his death, which was the catalyst for his change. Micah kept him company while he was a Weaver. While his ghost has long since wandered off, Tree still holds out hope that Micah might visit him again.

Hannah and Judith He's estranged from his sisters, and doesn't really wish to reconnect with them. Despite this, he harbors no deep resentment or bitterness for them, unlike with his mother. Tree genuinely hopes they're doing well, knowing that they likely still work under the Index.


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