age twenty-six
birthday may 24
gender cisgender male
pronouns he/him
temperament phlegmatic
enneagram type 2 (2w3)
morals neutral evil
mbti esfj
keywords patient obsessive understanding gullible observant dutiful hoarder selfish honest sensitive intelligent

Oliver Morgan is a character featured in the short visual novels Dr. Morgan's Counseling Session and LUCKY DAY on itch.io.

Oliver tries to be as honest and kind as possible, though this isn't to say he's the most virtuous person in the world. He lives for those that he loves and feels aimless when not busy with a task or goal in mind. This can make him prone to being selfish and obsessive, and would do anything to achieve his goal if it's centered around something he's fixated on.


Nothing brings Oliver greater joy than seeing those that he loves living a happy, fulfilling life. In order to achieve this, he's willing to go to extreme lengths to do so. He tends to be an open-book, all one would have to do is ask and he'd answer honestly.

Oliver speaks in a direct manner, and tries to leave little to no room for misunderstandings. He's restless when having nothing to do, preferring to bury himself in a project or task than sit around.

He's a bit of a nerd. Oliver is incredibly intelligent: where he lacks in social interactions he makes up for in knowledge and trivia. While he isn't exactly a walking encyclopedia he's well informed and educated on most topics.

He has a soft spot for hamsters, having kept some when he was younger. Oliver often goes out of his way to visit the pet store to watch the hamsters for sale when he isn't particularly busy. However, he currently houses no pets because he's scared he'll be too busy to take care of them.

Despite his nature, he is nowhere near to being a pushover or a doormat. Oliver can put his foot down when needed and should someone not respect his boundaries he can quickly become irritated and violent.

Due to being quick-to-anger under certain circumstances, Oliver practices various self-soothing and regulation techniques. He'd hate to hurt another person due to poor language choices in a heated moment. However, his timing could use work. If Oliver is uncomfortable in a conversation, he tends to remove himself one way or another, physically or mentally.

Oliver's facial expressions unintentionally end up very stiff and forced. Because of this, he spends time in the mirror practicing different experessions and emotions to try and seem less intimidating. His natural and genuine smile tends to look very nervous or uncomfortable and his other emotions tend to look very neutral. His facial muscles aren't dead, it's just the way he is.


Oliver has medium-length blonde hair that fades into a sort of strawberry blonde near the ends with two cowlicks at the top of his head that cross over eachother. His eyes are brown, but can appear maroon under certain lighting. He tends to wear an easy-going smile on his face most of the time.

He prefers to dress very warmly, rarely ever exposing his arms or legs. Even in dreadfully hot weather he will wear as many layers as he can possibly handle before passing out.

His work clothes consist of a white turtleneck under a dark brown sweater vest with a black knit blazer and matching slacks.


THE PLAYER Oliver has been watching you from the shadows for a long time. He's been on your trail and has picked up on your mannerisms, your facial expressions, and routine and his changed his accordingly. It isn't until recently that he's worked up the courage to stage a meeting between the two of you.