age twenty-eight
birthday april 2nd
gender cisgender male
pronouns he/him
sexuality demisexual
temperament sanguine
enneagram type 9 (9w1)
morals neutral good
mbti enfj
keywords curious insightful nurturing responsible meddlesome obsessive easily-disinterested easily-swayed selfish

Marquis is a kind medical surgeon that cares deeply for his friends and femily. He lives in his own home with his younger brother who he takes care of. Marquis is a role model to many who meet him: charming, good looking, caring, attractive, etc.. But he has a side to him that is far less controlled to the point that former friends of his have warned others to steer clear due to its destructive consequences. It's not that Marquis is a particularly bad person, but his way of dealing with things is a bit unorthodox. This is especially true when it comes to helping those he cares about.


A earnest person that's sincere in all he does, Marquis tends to overlooked by some, or even seen as boring. Despite this, he may self-sabotage from time to time, obsessive tendencies getting the upper hand more often than not and his imagination quickly spiraling out of control. He's shown to have gruesome or darker thoughts, and tends to voice them out as if they're normal things to say. The few friends he manages to have help keep him in check, talking him down from a big plan he's begun to chart out or just smack him for a quick reality check.

Marquis is easily swayed by his emotions. He's been scammed and conned numerous times due to his gullible nature. It's honestly surprising how he hasn't had his identity stolen at some point. He's also prone to bouts of selfishness, although it's rare. He can quickly obsess or fixate on something leading to him acting out on a whim. When Marquis was younger this was a bigger problem, though he has mellowed out over the years and isn't as bad as before.

When Marquis was younger he wasn't exactly a troublemaker, but more of an outcast. Marquis was fairly popular with his peers, well liked and fun to talk to. However he kept many people at arms-length, and no one considered him a 'close friend' at all. After an incident with a former friend, he was branded as a social reject. People slowly started to distance themselves from Marquis, and he'd often find himself alone during free time. No one would respond to his texts or messages. Despite all that, he bears no ill-will or grudges towards those that ostracized him. However, he prefers to not talk about that period of his life, or any part of his past for that matter.

Due to his younger brother being sickly ever since he was young, Marquis has become a natural caretaker. He enjoys doting on those that may need his help and is happy when people rely on him. However, he's also developed a fussy personality that may annoy some (especially Adler). He loves helping out when he can, even if someone might not even need help. If Marquis faces something that he thinks is a problem he typically springs into action, trying to fix whatever is wrong without asking first. This meddlesome tendency of his has landed him in trouble on more than one occasion, and he never seems to learn to think before speaking or acting.


Marquis has medium0long dark brown hair that is usually tied into a ponytail. He is partially blind in his right eye. His left eye is dark green and his right eye is a pale gold, the latter having cross shaped having pupil. The right-side of his face has two scars, one runnining through his eye and one on his cheek. He has snakebite piercings.

Marquis is most commonly seen in a white lab coat with a light blue collared shirt underneath and grey neck-tie as well as grey pants and brown loafers. If needed, he wears blue latex gloves. His casual-wear consists of collared shirts under sweaters and comfortable pants.


ROWAN His younger brother who he fusses over. Rowan is distant from Marquis, not wishing to get close to him at all and finding him 'weird'. Despite his coldness, Rowan still cares for Marquis as his brother. Though awkward, he does occasionally strike up conversations with Marquis when he's home. However when the conversation starts to get too personal, Rowan tends to retreat. Even though he's treated a bit coldly by his younger brother, Marquis still worries and cares about him which only annoys Rowan more. He makes an effort to make sure Rowan lives comfortably and has everything he wants or needs despite the protests that he's fine.

ADLER A patient that Marquis took care of for a short time. Grew heavily attached to Adler, helping it out whenever possible. Marquis views Adler as a close friend, however is highly curious as to Adler's true origin and story. Marquis was the first person Adler met upon waking up in the modern day. He helped Adler get processed and set him up with a place to live. One of the few people that Adler can relax with. Adler cares for Marquis, wanting to help him but doesn't wish to get too heavily involved with him.

EMILE Someone Marquis used to be very close to. However, due to certain events and circumstances the two no longer talk to each other. Marquis still regards Emile fondly despite everything that's happened to him. Emile wants nothing to do with him, even seeing him as a rival at times.


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