i have four main original characters that i rotate in my head constantly and this page is dedicated to pictures where i superimpose pictures of them. these make sense to nobody but me because i have been too lazy to finish their about pages LOL. Updated: 1/24/23

NAME: Adler
TLDR: Fallen Angel who is so very tired of it all
KEYWORDS: listless, introverted, exhausted, grandpacoded

NAME: Marquis
TLDR: totally normal doctor (lying)
KEYWORDS: kind, unhinged, responsible, intelligent

NAME: Emile
TLDR: yandere-coded shut-in neet
KEYWORDS: oblivious, stupid, pathetic, angry

NAME: Rowan
TLDR: hopelessly romantic chronically ill neet
KEYWORDS: normal, strong-willed, smart, optimistic, gay