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Update Log 3/17/24: new OC page
1/28/24: added a new page (doll diary)
1/9/24: updated media pages
12/26/23: new spiral page
12/26/23: new journal layout, spiral page
11/25/23: new art page layout
11/14/23: diluculo v7
11/2/23: new about page
10/29/23: new links page
10/24/23: when it's dark out page added
10/22/23: new index
9/1/23: new journal index
8/24/23: new about layout
7/5/23: new shelf layout started
5/27/23: Between Two Worlds shrine created!
5/1/23: new journal layout for may
4/27/23: revamped MMD page
4/2/23: new spiral page
3/30/23: new character page layout
3/25/23: new spiral page, tweaked some pages
3/20/23: new journal indexes
3/13/23: new index + other pages, fixed css
3/4/23: new about page
2/11/23: devlog page created
2/6/23: changed from a now playing widget to a spotify one for more accuracy
2/5/23: edited image galleries for about page
2/1/23: quotes page now has a music player, new spiral page, moved folders around, edited gender page
1/28/23: revamped nagisa shrine page. also updated and changed a bunch of backgrounds because i went insane and wanted to organize my messy ass image folder
1/23/23: new layout for my drawings page
1/19/23: new microblog page
1/9/23: lyric page revamp
1/7/23: new spiral page for alaska pics
1/3/23: new vent page layout + password change
12/28/22: got journal ready for 2023 and tweaked the layout slightly
12/23/22: new spiral index
12/18/22: new spiral page about lists
12/14/22: finished wallows shrine
12/13/22: new quotes new song lyrics new vent entry and other smaller updates
12/12/22: guestbook added
12/9/22: new index + landing layout
12/5/22: new spiral page
12/2/22: wallows shrine, new media page layout, updated quote generator
12/1/22: updated homepage, journal layout, about, and links
11/26/22: new spiral pages, bestie birthday page
11/21/22: optimized and cleaned code on some older pages
11/20/22: new hello charlotte shrine
11/17/22: new about section
11/16/22: updated glaive shrine
11/12/22: microwave oc page added
11/10/22: added filters to lyric page
11/8/22: whole ass page for quotes added
11/7/22: glaive shrine wip added
11/5/22: spiral page added
11/2/22: updated journal index, slight homepage change
10/21/22: added more song lyrics
10/20/22: added gender page, updated notepad page + password (check source code of about.html, 2nd line, words only + case sensitive)
10/18/22: adjusted about page layout, added more lyrics, slightly adjusted the 404, added Wallows to shrines i wanna do
10/15/22: moved site buttons and contact links from my about to the links page, changed font back to ms gothic, tweaked homepage layout, added imood indicator, added a password to the notepad vent page
10/14/22: added widget to landing page
10/12/22: changed fonts, added more pictures of me to my about page and a little quote generator, fixed links page, added more buttons
10/10/22: updated lyrics and added more quiz results to about page
10/7/22: added unhide hover text to journal posts + lastfm grabber on landing page
10/1/22: added song lyric page, tweaked layout
9/28/22: media page revamp
9/20/22: added art gallery
9/19/22: notepad link added
9/18/22: eden shrine/photocard album :D
9/5/22: added notepad (not linked yet)
9/2/22: september journal log added
8/31/22: index page tweaks
8/30/22: genshin log created
8/28/22: added merch shelf page
8/24/22: layout tweaking
8/23/22: added timer to xiao shrine
8/22/22: fixed some links so that they dont open in new tabs anymore, added a go home link to pages
8/21/22: added original characters page
8/15/22: new journal page, updated some css
8/13/22: updated media list, added uquiz stuff to my about
8/11/22: added a page to showcase my mmd model edits
8/10/22: just added a few fanlisting icons to my about hehe
8/9/22: fixed layour and iframes please work please please please youre nothing
8/8/22: switched main pages over to html stuff IF SOMETHING BREAKS IM SOWWY CLEAR YOUR CACHE OR SOMETHING LOLE.
8/8/22: completed media list
8/7/22: added anime and shows to completed media list
8/6/22: moved to-do list and update logs to their own html pages for iframes for ease of editing
8/6/22: Started the current media page, added some quiz results to my about
8/4/22: added a favorite character section to my about page. look at my blorbos
8/3/22: adjusted layout and sidebars, more 88x31s to sites i like, added spaces for future pages on sidebar
8/2/22: added more pictures to my about page
8/1/22: new home/enter page [:
7/31/22: Finished Xiao Shrine!!
7/29/22: Started Xiao Shrine
7/27/22: Changed Nagisa Shrine CSS
7/26/22: Finished Hello Charlotte Shrine
7/24/22: Updated About Page
7/23/22: Started Hello Charlotte Shrine
7/22/22: Created Nagisa Shrine
7/21/22: Started the shrine section
7/18/22: Moved chatbox to the homepage
7/15/22: New Homepage!
7/14/22: Added a lot of stuff!
7/13/22: Site Created